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Horizon Forbidden West : the artwork is breathtaking, the period of output and new details shared in the video by the director of the game


Since the presentation of the games of the PS5 Thursday night, the exclusives PlayStation Studios bubble to speak of it little by little, revealing valuable information, as was the case last night for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Tonight it is the turn ofHorizon Forbidden West to be in the spotlight with the dissemination of a video entitled Guerrilla Talks and in which the game director Mathijs de Jonge gives a few details to satisfy our curiosity.

This suite taking the form of a Action-RPG in open world we will always embody Aloy of the tribe Norawhich is this time an adventure in theWest Prohibited giving its name to the Iu. This Forbidden Westin English, is the name given to a mysterious border stretching from Utah to the Pacific ocean. Yes, if you have never played Horizon: Zero Dawnthe action takes place in a distant future in the United States. With the power of the PS5, the developers of Guerrilla Games will be able to propose their vision in the best possible condition, to know deliver a world so beautiful that we did as only want to be thereand that is the more detailed as possible for a better immersion. The map will be more extensive and will increase in depthin every sense of the term, since we will be able to dive and explore the funds of lakes and rivers.

Another element which will take advantage of this result, the famous SSD for the PlayStation 5 to be almost no loading screen. A priori, we will be able to open the map and make a quick trip to the other end of it at full speedor resume our progression from a checkpoint without having to wait. When we launch the game, we will be immersed directly in the action. Let’s hope that these beautiful words are true, because this is a dream.

But behind this beautiful facade will also be of terrible enemies, of the machines as the Shell Snappers (turtles), Carapateurs (crocodiles) or Sunwings (pterodactyls). Dozens of new models will be present, all must be scanned with our Focus for the study, and be able to fight effectively. New tribes can also be located on these lands, sometimes peaceful, but other times wishing our death, as the one able to control the machines present in the trailer, that will mammoths baptized Tremor Tusk. And of course, the red thread of the future plot will be of this strange infection, as well as a climate change causing massive tornadoes.

Horizon Forbidden West artwork 02 17 06 2020Horizon Forbidden West artwork 04 17 06 2020 Horizon Forbidden West artwork 03 17 06 2020

And finally, we learn thatHorizon Forbidden West, therefore, is not expected at the launch of the PS5, but should see the light of day in 2021that means a first year of life more than interesting for the console next-gen. In addition, Guerrilla Games shared two artworks a thing of beauty for fans to be able to make use of wallpaper on PC or mobile. Do we already have a glimpse of the future cover ?

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