Horch is really coming back! Audi’s Maybach’s competition relies only on a six-cylinder

After all, Audi is coming up with a super-luxury derivative of the A8 model, which has long been speculated about. So far, however, do not look forward to it.

Horch was once a luxury brand of the famous German concern Auto Union, of which Audi was also a part. When Mercedes-Benz revived the former Maybach, there has been speculation that rival Audi could also take such a step, just through Horch. However, we have been waiting in vain for the super-luxury derivative of the Ingolstadt car manufacturer. But now it is finally changing.

Indeed, Audi is introducing its flagship A8 L in the Horch version, which has been much speculated about in recent years. However, European customers should not look forward to the news yet, at the moment the Audi A8 L Horch is confirmed exclusively for the Chinese market. Officially debuting this month, at a car show in Guangzhou, China.

In any case, the first published photos of the news confirm that Audi was greatly inspired by the Maybach range of rival Mercedes. The new Horch is not a free-standing car with a distinctive design, but to a large extent “only” a luxury package, with a further extended wheelbase.

This sedan is 5,422 mm long, ie 120 mm more than the Audi A8 L. The extended wheelbase (3,258 mm) thus provides even more space for the rear passengers, as the target clientele will primarily drive than to drive this car.

Matrix LED headlights as well as OLED tail lights are also standard. The 20 “wheels are also distinctive, and the Horch emblems cannot be missing either. Audi has chosen a newly styled emblem, the simply shaped logo is adapted to modern times.

The equipment then corresponds to the super-luxurious focus of the car. It includes a B&O music system with 3D sound, a cabin fragrance system or a system for cleaning the air in the cabin with negative ions. The front and rear seats then offer eight different massage modes, and at the rear there is a touch screen for controlling selected vehicle functions. Horchu brands are a matter of course again.

The drive then also corresponds to the destination. If you would expect a twelve-cylinder or at least an eight-cylinder from Horch, for example, you will be very disappointed. The Audi A8 L Horch is presented with a mildhybrid six-cylinder fork (!) With an output of 253 kW and a torque of 500 Nm, which is combined with an eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. The relatively modest unit of performance (for the conditions of this type of car) proves that high performance is not required in China.

Although the Audi A8 L Horch is currently a car primarily for the Chinese market, European clients still have something to look forward to. The car is to be part of the modernization of the initial A8, so we will see at least some innovations in cars for Europe as well.


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