Holstein celebrates their 100th victory in the 2nd Bundesliga in Regensburg – Kieler Sportvereinigung Holstein von 1900 e. V

With a fighting team performance, the storks in Regensburg get their first away win under coach Marcel Rapp. After a turbulent game with penalties on both sides, Kiel turned a 0-1 deficit into a 2-1 win.

The bottom of the table put Kiel under pressure early on and started aggressively pressing in the Storche penalty area. Initial uncertainties and mistakes in the build-up game repeatedly led to standard situations in which the Jahnelf always became dangerous. And so it was a free kick that gave the hosts the lead. Breitkreuz fought for air supremacy in front of Thomas Dähne’s goal and Kennedy also prevailed in the air against Porath to head in to make it 1-0 (12′). The storks did not let themselves be deterred as a result, made a formal change and now better escaped the approach of the Regensburg team. Julian Korb then rewarded Kiel for their courage with the equalizer. Sander’s shot was blocked, but forced Jahn goalkeeper Meyer into the wrong corner, giving Korb an easy game (35′).

Then it got turbulent – the last ten minutes before the break became a roller coaster of emotions: First there was a penalty for Regensburg after Mühling hit Gimber’s head with his foot. Besuschkow stepped up, but Thomas Dähne suspected the corner and saved the ball so that Neumann was able to clear it. Shortly thereafter, referee Florian Laschner pointed to the point again after Neumann tackled the ball, but was quickly corrected by video assistant Nicolas Winter, as Neumann hit the ball in front of Breitkreuz.

The strong Finn Porath set the first exclamation mark in the second round with a powerful flick from the middle position. However, our midfield engine only hit the post. Five minutes later, Porath then provoked a foul from Gimber in the penalty area and got a penalty for Kiel. Alexander Mühling took on the matter as usual and confidently converted into the top left corner to make it 2-1 (59th). Regensburg became more active as a result, but apart from a few set-pieces, there were no longer any really dangerous situations. And when things got tricky, the flawless Dähne was there so that the storks could bring the victory over time.

With the away win, Kiel jumps up to 11th place in the table, past Hannover and Dresden, who played 0-0 against each other. The Storks go into the non-playing week with 25 points and meet Fortuna Düsseldorf at home in 14 days.


Kiel: Dähne – Neumann, Thesker (Benger 81), Komenda, Korb, Reese (Van den Bergh 89) – Sander, Porath (Erras 73), Mühling – Bartels (Arp 89), Pichler (Wriedt 73) – Trainer: Marcel Rapp.

Regensburg: Meyer – Saller, Breitkreuz, Kennedy, Guwara (89. Caliskaner) – Gimber (89. Makridis), Besuschkow, Faber (73. Yildirim), Boukhalfa (73. Otto), Wekesser – Albers

Referee: Florian Lechner – Tore: 1-0 Kennedy (12′), 1-1 basket (35′), 1-2 Mühling (59′)

votes on the game

Thomas Dähne: “Enormously important three points for us. We fell behind through a set piece, but showed morale and showed what the team is made of – the penalty saved before half-time helped. During the break we said we’d bend the thing. And based on the second half, I’d say it was a deserved win.”

Otschi Wriedt: “A phenomenal moment! It’s always difficult against Regensburg, but the lads did a great job.”

Fin Bartels: “It was a competitive game. Regensburg is always dangerous with standards and they had too many of them in a timely manner. But overall we had more chances and got three extremely important points.”

Alexander Mühling in the video interview after the game:

The press conference after #SSVKSV:

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The game in pictures:

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