Hollywood company is setting up studio in space for Tom Cruise movie!

Space Entertainment Enterprise (SEE), operating in Hollywood, the center of the US film industry, is preparing to establish an extraordinary studio, which will shoot a movie with Tom Cruise. The studio that the company will establish in space will be integrated into the International Space Station.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, SEE is preparing to launch a visual entertainment module that will operate in a microgravity environment in a studio that will be commercially produced by Axiom Space in 2024 and will be temporarily attached to the International Space Station (ISS).

Elena and Dmitry Lesnevsky, the founding partners of the company, who are also co-producing the upcoming space movie of actor Tom Cruise, are reportedly in talks with investors and commercial partners to raise funds for the project.

“It will provide a unique and accessible home for endless entertainment possibilities in a space filled with innovative infrastructure that will unleash a new world of creativity,” the company founders said in the news. statement was given.


It was emphasized that with the launch of the revolutionary facility, SEE-1 will not only break new ground, but also contribute to the expansion and quality of the low-orbit space industry with a budget of 2 trillion dollars that the global entertainment industry will create in the new medium. (AA)

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