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Hisham Selim: A lawsuit accusing the Egyptian actor’s son of spreading “homosexuality” after his sympathy for Sarah Hegazy


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Hisham Selim’s son, “Nour”, a transgender, published a video of sympathy for Sarah Hegazy

Two Egyptian lawyers have filed a lawsuit against Nour Hisham Selim, the transnational, who is the son of the Egyptian actor Hisham Selim, and accused him of trying to “spread homosexuality” in Egypt.

The Egyptian actor was the first to announce the case of his son, and he transformed from a girl called Nora, who was suffering from hormone defects, to a young man called Noor. This announcement received strong sympathy and a positive response to the courage of Hisham and his son.

But the situation has changed completely for young Nour, after he announced on social media his sympathy for gay rights activist Sarah Hijazi, who committed suicide in Canada on June 14.

Nour said he was saddened by the absence of humanity among the Egyptians, who continued the attack on Sarah, adding that whoever accepts him and does not accept Sarah Hegazy “is a hypocrite.”

Nour also said that he was not suffering from hormones defect but decided to change his gender from female to male, and that what he did was not a correction but a diversion.

Although he deleted the video, Nour was attacked on social media and then the attack went to a lawsuit against him for the Egyptian Attorney General.

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Sarah Hegazy, a gay activist who committed suicide in Canada after being harassed in Egypt because of her protest against gay support

Rights activists say that homosexuals in Egypt suffer from a repressive climate, in which homosexuals are arrested periodically and charged with committing immorality.

How did the transients in Egypt receive the statements of the Egyptian actor Hisham Selim?

Tribute to Hisham Selim’s “brave” attitude after announcing his daughter’s sexual transformation

Egypt faces “war”

Lawyer Ashraf Farhat, the owner of the lawsuit, said that Nour “spread immorality and called for homosexuality,” according to his complaint filed with the prosecution on Tuesday.

While lawyer Ayman Mahfouz said, in his complaint to the prosecution, “The war against our culture and morals continues, and that the emergence of many sons of celebrities to call for the spread of vice and immorality between our young men and women is the actual war facing Egypt.”

He added that Nour Hisham Selim’s statement that “homosexuals have the right to perversion because there is no choice for them, justifying his call … that homosexuality is a creation of nature for them, is considered daring and an insult to the divine self that honored man.”

Although there is no explicit legal text in Egypt criminalizing homosexuality, homosexuals are subjected periodically to repression and arrests and face charges including “spreading debauchery.”

However, transgender people are more accepting of Egyptian society than homosexuals, as demonstrated by the case of Hisham Selim and his son.


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