“His contract was not documented.” Marwan Mohsen’s father reveals a surprise that his son stayed with

11:52 PM

Sunday 23 August 2020

Books – Muhammad Hammam:

Mohsen Tharwat, the father of Marwan Mohsen, the Al-Ahly striker, revealed that the Red Castle administration had not documented his son’s contract in the Football Association yet, pointing out that Marwan did not set conditions during the renewal of his contract.

The father of the Al-Ahly striker added in statements on the “Al-Nahar” screen late today, Sunday: “My two sons are a top scorer since he was in the youth sector until he reached the first team.”

He continued: “Marwan signed a new contract with Al-Ahly for a period of three years without stipulating the club, but the administration has not yet documented the new contract.”

The player’s father gave strongly-worded statements to the pair, Reda Abdel-Al and Ibrahim Saeed: “The player did not sell Al-Ahly like you, you played for clubs that are not on the map.”

And he continued: “If Al-Ahly wants Marwan, Welcome, and if the club wants to leave, Welcome, but my two sons love Al-Ahly.”

He continued: “Everyone holds Marwan responsible, forbidden to you. I am afraid that there will be a need for Marwan. My son has only participated in ten minutes, and whoever bears the responsibility, the coach is the one who chose the formation.”

Marwan Mohsen was subjected to harsh criticism after the 120th summit match between Zamalek and Al-Ahly, which ended with the white team winning three goals against one goal in a match that came within the 21st week of the Egyptian We League competition.

Marwan Mohsen did not mainly participate in the summit match, as Swiss Rene Fyler sought help from Senegalese striker Aliou Badji.

It is worth noting that Marwan Mohsen, who moved to Al-Ahly from Ismaili in the summer of 2016, has a contract extending for another year, i.e. until 2021, before the player signs a new three-year contract.


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