Highway Cashback, new refunds for motorists

Autostrade per l’Italia has undergone a proceeding by the Antitrust, which accuses the company that manages the motorway network of our country of having serious traffic problems in some sections, due to the work in progress, and of not having lowered tariffs for motorists who suffer continuous slowdowns.

This is why, as many drivers have been stuck in traffic for hours without benefiting from any discount on toll prices, the group has decided to kick off the cashback to compensate motorists. The fund available for this reimbursement is 250 million euros and will be given to all those who have spent or will have to spend several hours in a queue in traffic on the motorway due to construction sites open for maintenance of the network.

Roberto Tomasi, CEO of Autostrade per l’Italia, explained the novelty. The announcement comes a few days after the ‘non-compliance proceeding’ opened by the Antitrust against Aspi. The cost of the toll in fact, as we said at the beginning, has not been reduced in the sections that present serious traffic problems and for this reason measures must be taken (after the fine of 5 million euros last March, which however did not change things).

Codacons and other consumer associations have thus spoken of cashback of tolls (in addition to the other opportunities we have already talked about) for those who have suffered severe slowdowns and inconveniences due to the work in progress on the motorway. The A1 Milan Naples, the A10, the A7 and the A23 Udine Tarvisio are the routes most affected by disservices today.

How does cashback work for motorists?

To benefit from this, the delay must be attributed to the works on a motorway construction site and must be considered significant. It is therefore important establish the extent of the discomfort and to do so, just calculate the duration of the trip. There is a minimum delay threshold of 15 minutes, which is necessary to be able to request cashback. However, the time must be proportionate to the length of the total journey made by the motorist.

What does it mean?

We do a example. It is clear that if the journey should take 20 minutes in total and the delay is 15 minutes, then the cashback is triggered and you are entitled to compensation. But if the route runs normally in 4 hours and the delay is the same, then the refund will not take place.

The company will take as a reference a series of data to cross, before establishing the possible amount of compensation. The information concerning the actual presence of motorway construction sites, those provided by users on the time of entry and exit from the construction site and those provided by satellites will be analyzed. In this way it will be possible to check the actual duration of the trip.

Who is entitled to the reimbursement, will receive it in a lump sum at the end of 2021, through the Free to X app of Aspi the user will receive first confirmation of the cashback. Trials will begin in the next few days, which will last until mid-next month. The experimentation will then last until the end of the year and the repayments will become structural from 2022.


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