High Blood Sugar Can Be Normal Again Only Avocado Seed Capital, This is Diabetes Medicine in the style of the Prophet’s Healthy Kick

ZONAJAKARTA.com – Diabetes is a condition in which a person has high blood sugar values ​​in the body and is difficult to control.

Diabetes can occur due to heredity or lifestyle errors (diet and rest).

If left to linger, diabetes This can cause the sufferer to experience various other diseases that can lead to complications.

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For example, such as wounds that are difficult to dry, kidney disease, even stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

To maintain a healthy body, people with diabetes must control blood sugar levels so that they can remain normal or not too high.

Apart from taking medicine and maintaining a healthy diet, you can also try making your own herbal drink naturally from avocado seeds.

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Delivered by Dr. Zaidul Akbar, recipe writer The Prophet’s Healthy KickProperly processed avocado seeds can help lower blood sugar in the body.

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