Here’s the Prediction Map of Russia’s All-Out Invasion of Ukraine


A map predicting Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine made by the Daily Mail, a UK-based media outlet. Photo/Daily Mail

KIEV – A series of Western media have been busy releasing maps predicting an all-out invasion Russia to Ukraine . Some described it as going to be like the Vietnam War, while others predicted it would be like the Battle of Berlin in World War II.

Russia has denied from the start that it will invade its neighbour. Moscow also insists that the deployment of hundreds of thousands of troops on its territory bordering Ukraine is a right because it is on Russian soil.

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Daily Mail based in the UK published a map they described as a “full-scale invasion”. The media detailed the prediction of the deployment of 100,000 Russian troops, tanks and missiles near the Ukrainian border.

The British media acknowledged the predictions came from Ukraine, and linked estimates that Russia has an additional 3,000 military personnel supporting 35,000 separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Not only that, Daily Mail also alluded to some Russian ships sailing through the Baltic Sea that might be heading to Ukraine, even as a plane full of British missiles was en route to Kiev.

Anonymous senior officials at Britain’s Ministry of Defence, who were quoted by the media as saying they strongly believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s preference is for a full invasion rather than a limited attack.

The Sun, also based in the UK, predicts Russia is “sleepwalking” towards the “Vietnam War” in the invasion of Ukraine. According to the report, Moscow troops will face a killing zone, insurgents and US special forces.

Source The Sun is a former US colonel who fought in Afghanistan. They also quoted someone from the lobby group Henry Jackson Society as saying that the CIA would fund a guerrilla war in Ukraine, with American troops on the ground helping Ukraine even though they weren’t actually fighting.

Furthermore, Reuters based in the US, evoked the specter of the Battle of Berlin in World War II.

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