Business here are the first official images of the new...

here are the first official images of the new sedan electric


The brand to the rafters has just unveiled a series of images revealing the lines and the interior of the new C4 and I-C4. “A silhouette playing with multiple codes for automobiles, which marks a new stage in the Citroën style,” explains the manufacturer.

Pending its official presentation on June 30, Citroën we offer a taste of its new C4, and in particular of its declension electric, the Ë-C4. Judging by the first images, the overall aesthetic, common to both versions, electric and thermal, evokes a crossover with a high ground clearance, and a flag down.

The lines of the Citroën Ë-C4 resume codes previews on the models of series and the concept car 19_19. © Citroën

A tribute to the GS

The curves and folds on the hood, fenders and doors accentuate the sport aspect, as the rear lights which are integrated in the béquet. We note in passing the reference to the venerable GS whose Citroën celebrates 50 years with the rear window that extends up to the stop light.

The front grille of the Citroen Ë-C4 is similar to that of the Citroen C3 restyled in the beginning of the year. © Citroën

Interior sober

Inside, the Gnomon : from the simple to stick to the sundial
In Ancient times, the gnomon was in…” data-image=”” data-url=”” data-more=”Read more”>style is rather sober with two screens, one for instrumentation, and the other touchscreen for the infotainment. Citroën has not yet delivered details on the technical data sheet of the Ë-C4, but we already know that it is based on the same platform (e-CMP) as the Peugeot e-2008. It should, therefore, be equipped with an engine of 100 kW and offer a autonomy in excess of 300 km. See you June 30 for the end of the story.

The interior of the Citroën Ë-C4 and the C4 will be identical, with the exception of the gear lever for the petrol version and diesel. © Citroën

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