News Heavy rain, squalls and Thunderstorms in Berlin and Brandenburg...

Heavy rain, squalls and Thunderstorms in Berlin and Brandenburg and B. Z. Berlin


Berlin and Brandenburg have to make on Thursday, and in the following days, rain and Thunderstorms passed.

On Thursday condense on the clouds of the day, for the afternoon, the German weather service (DWD) is forecasting rain and thunderstorms with maximum temperatures between 24 and 28 degrees, such as the DWD said. The DWD speaking of heavy rain to 20 liters per square meter (l/sq. m), and stormy gusts of up to 70 kilometers per hour.

The night to Friday will remain cloudy and rainy with lows around 16 degrees. Here, too, like Thunderstorms with heavy rain to 30 litres per square metre were locally severe weather is possible.

For the Friday the weather experts are predicting rain and strong Thunderstorms with some severe weather like heavy rain and individual stormy gusts continued. It remains at maximum temperatures of 20 to 23 degrees.

Saturday starts, according to the DWD, with clouds and light rain, it loosens up, but in the course of the day expected. The maximum temperatures are around 22 degrees. The night to Sunday the forecast is mainly dry, and temperatures drop to 14 degrees.

The Sunday could then put up with a cloudy, but precipitation-free skies and highs of 22 degrees the “rainy days” again at the end.



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