Heart Disease Burden BPJS Health Up To Rp10 T

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin say catastrophic disease is like a disease heart burden BPJS Health up to IDR 10 trillion per year. Apart from burdening budget state, the disease he said, also reduces the productivity of society.

Because they must undergo medical treatment.

“We see that this catastrophic disease is increasing. This causes people to become unproductive because they cannot work and this also burdens the country the most. The results of the BPJS Health analysis show that heart disease costs the state Rp. 10 trillion,” said Budi at a Working Meeting with Commission IX DPR RI, Tuesday (25/1).

Apart from heart disease, other types of catastrophic diseases also burden the state’s finances. Cancer occupies the second position with a budget of Rp. 3.5 trillion, followed by stroke of Rp. 2.5 trillion, and kidney failure of Rp. 2.3 trillion.

Other diseases such as Thalassemia, Haemophilia, Leukemia, and Cirrhosis Hepatis cost the state budget up to hundreds of billions of rupiah every year.

For information, according to BPJS Kesehatan, catastrophic disease is a disease that requires long-term medical care at a high cost. That way, Budi said his party would campaign and promote prevention efforts against catastrophic diseases in the community.

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“This is a catastrophic disease that can actually be prevented, so they don’t enter an advanced stage so they are not productive and (the cost of treatment) is expensive. We will encourage them to live healthier lives, so there is no need for heart disease or advanced cancer,” he said. .

In his presentation, the state needs to spend up to IDR 1.78 trillion per year to take promotive and preventive actions against catastrophic diseases. These funds are certainly considered to be smaller than the costs that must be incurred for the treatment of catastrophic diseases.

“We have discussed with the Ministry of Finance so that the budget can be used for promotive and preventive purposes, not just treating the sick,” he said.

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