Health must increase immunization due to the increase in cases of COVID-19 in Alto Paraná

Since last week, Paraguay began with a new Vaccination Plan. This implies that in all vaccinations in the country the second and third doses of the different biologics available are applied. In the department of Concepción, vaccinators advance with the inoculations and are reaching the expected goal with these doses.

From the Expanded Program of Immunizations (PAI) of Concepción they highlighted the predisposition of the citizens of Concepcion, for complying with their vaccination schedule. Also, the enthusiasm of health professionals for the reception of the third dose as a reinforcement measure.

“The third anti-COVID dose destined for the personnel in white is being completed,” said Silvia Gavilán, in contact with Universo 970. She assured that they have available doses from all platforms for the second and third application.

As for the second dose, the professional reported that it is very well received by the population, especially by young people, who arrive on the scheduled date and without waiting to complete their vaccination schedules. “Last week we have reached 90% of people with both doses,” he said.

He said that they hope that this week the same number of people will crowd to the vaccination center, in this case located in the amphitheater of the city of Concepción. “Today is quiet and a bit empty, so we urge people to come to complete their scheme and be protected against COVID-19,” he said.

Finally, the professional reminded the public that the application of the first dose for the moment is only being carried out at the Social Welfare Institute (IPS) of Concepción. It should be noted that the second and third doses are being applied in all vaccinations in the country, while the inoculation with the first is carried out in each community or with random departures.

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Vaccinators await the population for the application of the second and third doses. Photo: Ángel Flecha.

This afternoon, 225,810 doses of the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 arrived at the Silvio Pettirossi airport, in Luque. The cargo is part of the batch of biologicals purchased by the National Government to continue immunization against the virus in the country.

The shipment was received by the Vice Minister of Rectory and Health Surveillance, Dr. Lida Sosa, and the director of the Expanded Immunization Program (PAI), Dr. Héctor Castro. Our country received the batch of vaccines against COVID-19 planned within the negotiations carried out through the Covax mechanism to continue with the National Vaccination Plan against COVID-19.

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