He is battling a serious illness

Big concern for Gigi D’Agostino! It was only in December that the star DJ made his serious illness public. Now he is in visibly bad condition and with a walker on Instagram.

He captioned the post, “I hope this new year will bring me some peace and strength.”

Gigi D’Agostino suffers from a serious illness

Gigi D’Agostino has been a world star since the 1990s. His hits “Love always” and „The Riddle“ made him a celebrated world star. And now, 20 years later, the 54-year-old is with his new songs „In My Mind“ and „Hollywood‘ re-entered the charts. Actually a big reason for joy for the Italian, if it weren’t for that major illness, which Gigi has apparently been accompanying for a long time.

On December 17, exactly on his birthday, the music producer shared sad news with his fans. On Instagram he writes: “Unfortunately, for the past few months, I have been battling a serious illness that has affected me aggressively. It’s a constant pain, it doesn’t give me rest.” He then goes on to say that his suffering has made him very weak. “But I keep fighting… I hope to find some relief,” the DJ said.

DJ shows up with a walker

While his fans are hoping that the DJ will soon recover from his illness, Gigi is now shocking with another post on social media. The picture shows the 54-year-old severely emaciated and in a very weak condition while leaning on a walker. “I hope that this new year will bring me some peace and strength. A hug full of good wishes to you all. Thank you for your thoughts,” writes the Italian.

Gigi has not revealed what serious illness he is suffering from. However, his fans give him strength. Under the post are motivating words, like “Don’t Give Up Legend” and read “take courage, Gigi”.

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