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He is against removing the statue, Theodore Roosevelt: ’Do not’ | Foreign


The step forward was made on Sunday announced that in the wake of the antiracismeprotesten in the United States and abroad, on the death of an unarmed black man, and George on the Cover, while a politieactie on the 25th of may in Minneapolis, for example.

The image of the former president, Roosevelt on a horse, with a native American and an African man at his side. It’s often said that the image of race discrimination and colonial expansion in place.

The mayor of New York, Bill the Blasio, said on Sunday that the city’s request, the museum had to be the statue to remove it, because it’s black and aboriginal people, depicts it as subject to racial inferiority.”

“That’s just ridiculous, don’t do it,” said Trump, in a tweet.

During the continuing demonstrations against racism, and have the protesters demanded that the authorities of the monuments in honor of the slave, and the architecture of European colonies, removed.

He has the idea to ask this by saying that the protestors are badly worn.

The “bunch of left-wing gang, tries to our history, to destroy our monuments, our beautiful monuments, to pollute, to our statues, take down, and everyone has to be punished and to continue the that do not conform to the requirements for absolute and total control. We will not be part of it,” said the Us president, last week during a demonstration.


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