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The Norwegians decided to create their own remake of Václav Vorlíček’s famous fairy tale Three Nuts for Cinderella, thanks to which Czechs and people from many other European countries fell in love with Libuše Šafránková. The new version is like a copier, but it lacks the charm of the main character and other Czech stars. And there is ridicule. Take a look at the photo gallery to compare the Czech and Norwegian cast.

Libuše Šafránková continues to reign

Northerners, like the Czechs, bet on a beautiful winter landscape and distinctive music in 1973, but in it they are nowhere near gems. composer Karel Svoboda. It is emaciated and sounds more like a medieval open-air museum.

And the Czech, weaned by our Cinderella, naturally cannot even appreciate the quality of the main character represents Astrid Smeplass. She is a famous singer in Norway. In contrast our Libuše Šafránková, which it evoked in people feelings that she had to protect her, she lacked tenderness and kindness, but also a spark. She is also quite strong and more from the wound, but maybe it can be a Norwegian prototype of an ideal beauty, who knows.

Stepmother or Dracula?

Place Czech Pavel Trávníček, which enchanted millions of viewers in our country, has in the film, literally translated, exactly the same as Czech Three nuts for Cinderella, Three nuts for Cinderella, more like a dozen Add Ala.

“My stepmother has combed blond hair like Gary Oldman when he played Dracula,” jokingly noticed in one of the discussions Tomáš. “Why did she get three acorns instead of three nuts?” another comment wonders.

What the Norwegians have extra is aurora borealis or digital effects, for example, how to conjure a dress out of a nut. However, the poetics of Vorlíček’s fairy tale do not come out of the trailer. But maybe we’re just too strict because we love our film gem so much…


There is a lot of praise under the film itself, but there is also criticism.

“It will never surpass the original film. This is a fake against him. “ writes a British user. “Absolutely disgusting remake of the only real original … charm, elegance and delicacy are gone,” believes Dunalar. In Czech discussions, there is often an opinion that the main star should not be a bit charming against Libuše Šafránková. But that is a matter of taste.

Many Norwegians, on the other hand, are looking forward to it.

“It simply came to our notice then. Not as good as the original Czech Cinderella, but still good, “thinks Dannesek, for example.

Others remind us that the Norwegians still love our Cinderella and that they even demonstrated when one Christmas was supposed to be missing on TV. They also helped pay for the restoration of the fairy tale and offered the direction of the new film to Václav Vorlíček, who refused, saying that he never wanted to do a winter fairy tale again.


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