News he closed himself in the bathroom shooting himself with...

he closed himself in the bathroom shooting himself with the ordinance pistol


Pescara, carabiniere shoots himself in the barracks

A carabineer 45-year-old shot himself in the bathroom of the Noah, in via Venezia, in the center of Pescara. The reasons for the gesture are currently unknown. The soldier came to work this morning, at 9 he went to the bathroom, locked himself inside and shot himself with the orderly pistol.

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According to the first findings, it is a voluntary gesture. Shock in the headquarters of the headquarters of the command of the Noe, ecological operating nucleus has the offices in a building in the center. Rescue arrived immediately. But for the carabiniere, residing in Pescara, there was nothing to do. The military was divorced and childless. The motive for the tragic gesture is being investigated.

The military corps is still in the Noe’s office where investigations are underway by colleagues. On the spot also the magistrate on duty who has not yet authorized the removal of the body. We are looking for letters or tickets.

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