Hawaii: the river smells like a pub – and has a blood alcohol level of twelve! – News abroad

Environmentalists and tourists have made a bizarre discovery in Hawaii: They have found a river with water with an alcohol content of 12 per thousand!

The stream of water is located in the Waipio Valley and is said to have a strong smell of beer. Environmental activist Carrol Cox told the local television station “Hawaii News Now”: “When we came here recently, you would have thought it was a pub.” She informed the local health department about the smell of the electricity.

A water sample showed that the river has an alcohol content of 1.2 percent! The water also contains a small amount of sugar (around 0.04 percent).

The responsible authorities started looking for the reason for the polluted river. The solution to the riddle: a leak in a supply pipe of the “Paradise Beverages” brewery. She operates a warehouse near the river. The company is the largest distributor of spirits and alcoholic beverages in Hawaii.

“At the moment the Department of Transportation and its representatives are with us and the Department of Health has also contacted us,” Anthony Rowe, the company’s operations manager, told Hawaii News Now. “It could come from us.”

Two weeks ago, tourists had reported on social media that there was a strange smell in the valley, which is popular with hikers. At the same time, it is now being investigated how the water can be purified. Until then, the Bierbach will probably continue to flow.


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