Hana Maciuchová died. The favorite actress was 75 years old

Hana Maciuchová was born on November 29, 1945 in Šternberk near Olomouc. She graduated from the grammar school in Olomouc – Hejčín and was already involved in amateur theater there. She was a member of the Studio at the Oldřich Stibor Theater in Olomouc.
Then she joined the Theater Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, which she graduated from in 1968. Her professors included Radovan Lukavský, Karel Höger and Libuše Havelková. In 1994 she became a teacher at the conservatory in Prague.

With Viktor Preiss on the stage of the Theater in Vinohrady

Photo: Štoll Pavel, ČTK

Since 1969 she has been a member of the Prague Theater Behind the Gate and since 1971 she has performed at the Theater in Vinohrady. She appeared on his stage in the performances Rain Trader, Crime and Punishment, Cyrano of Bergerak and others. In addition, she played Gertrude in Hamlet, which is performed at Prague Castle as part of Shakespeare’s Summer Theater Festival. She also appeared in the performance Chvilková slavnost, staged by the Radek Brzobohatý Theater.

Hana Maciuchová

Photo: ČTK

She took Olga Scheinpflug’s role as a tribute and a challenge

Her first film role was in Organ in 1964. It is also worth mentioning her role in the biographical drama Man Against Destruction (1989), in which she played Karel Čapek’s wife Olga Scheinpflugová.

“Olga Scheinpflugová’s Czech novel and Karel Čapek’s books – Conversations with TGM, short stories, novels, English papers, Italian papers and A trip to Spain, dramas, we had it all at home in the library. My mother and father loved Čapek very much and they provided me with his biography, what a creative personality it was, how this European addressed our nation and how the mob of the nation bothered him. I admired Olga Scheinpflug as a nanny in Krejčov’s Romeo and Juliet and stood with her on the stage of the National Theater. She conquered me back then with her wonderful sense of humor and her wisdom. A quarter of a century passed and we started making the film Man Against Destruction. I saw the beautiful acting opportunity to play Mrs. Olga as a great honor and challenge at the same time, “she told Práva ten years ago about her role.

Many years later, she shone in the role of the mother of one of the heroines in the film Loners (2000).

Its popularity was created mainly by television. She has appeared in a number of original productions and also in the series Krkonoše Fairy Tale, Woman Behind the Counter, Hospital on the Outskirts of the City, Chalupáři, Nováky Dynasty. In 2008 and 2009 she won the TýTý award for best actress.

“I’m always pleased to see that even today our whole evening is watched by whole families or several generations at once. Our evening show for witnesses has not aged, it still has acting energy, and that is our professional joy, “she said about Krkonoše fairy tales.

While dancing with Radek Brzobohatý in 2004.

Photo: Vítková Lucie, ČTK

Furthermore, viewers chose her among the ten most popular actresses in the Star of My Heart poll, which was announced at the beginning of 2008 by Czech Television. In 1998, 2005 and 2010, he received the (In) Visible Actor award – 1st place for the most popular acting performance on Czech Radio. On the occasion of the national holiday, she was awarded the Medal of Merit in the field of culture on October 28, 2010.

Actress Hana Maciuchová received the Medal of Merit for the state in the field of culture.

Photo: Petr Horník, Právo

In recent years, she has also acted in the series Ulice. Recently, however, she rarely appeared in front of the camera, she had a smaller role in the film Dad’s Volga.

Her husband was actor Jiří Adamíra for 20 years, until his death in 1993. The marriage remained childless.

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