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The premiere date of the large-scale production “In the Heart of the Machine” is already clear – the film, which tells the story of a fateful day of prisoners from the past, will be in cinemas from March 18.

Director Martin Makariev embarks on a different style, following the success of his other films “Villa Rosa”, “Wild and Happy” and “Attraction”. The plot follows important moments in the life of a group of prisoners and is inspired by real events. us in the late 70’s The first scene can now be seen online and promises a memorable experience, with its specific atmosphere and unique world-class visual design.

The new and atypical for the native film production technologies 4K and HDR, which provide the highest quality picture and sound, expand every detail and allow the viewer to immerse themselves in the story in depth, and this is especially noticeable on the big screen. The work on the production takes the team 5 years and is concentrated in improving the process from the first to the last element.

Although the film is a story of the past, the film’s script examines universal relationships and could unfold at any time, anywhere in the world, say the film’s authors. With these qualities “In the Heart of the Machine” has already won the recognition of renowned festivals, not only in our country but even in Australia.

The central role is given to Alexander Sano, who was nominated for leading male role alongside Jason Sudeikis. In the all-male cast, predetermined by the plot, we will also enjoy established names such as Hristo Shopov, Julian Vergov, Ivaylo Hristov, Hristo Petkov, Stoyan Doychev, Vladimir Zombori, Bashar Rahal and Valeri Yordanov, as well as the Macedonian star Igor Angelov, in the role of Sutter. What does every pandizchiya long for? For freedom! So it is curious to see how Sano’s hero Bohemi will get out, or at least try, out of the dungeon.

Before we see it in Bulgaria, the film will be premiered on a large-scale tour in over 20 cities in Europe, and the first screening will be in Hamburg on February 3.

The screenplay is by Borislav Zahariev, the cinematographer is Andrey Andreev, and the music was written especially for the production by Viktor Stoyanov, who worked on a number of projects in cinema, as well as with the legendary Hans Zimmer. The film is realized by Forward Pictures Entertainment with producers Alexander Penev and Martin Makariev and is distributed by Alexander Sano’s Silver Frame. The post-production is by “ImmerseFX”, and the editing is the work of Nikola Milenov.


Grade 3.7 from 6 voice.

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