Gustav Magnar Wizoe, Ex-Convict Becomes the Richest Young Person in the World

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magazine Forbes released a list of the world’s richest people this year. From that list, there are 10 youngsters aged under 30 years who have a collective wealth of US$46.3 billion or Rp. 666 trillion.

One of them, Gustav Magnar Wizoe. Even though he is only 29 years old, the wealth of the young man born in Frøya, Norway has already crossed US $ 4.3 billion.

If converted to an exchange rate of Rp. 14,354 per US dollar, Gustav’s wealth reaches Rp. 61.72 trillion. With that wealth, he is ranked the world’s richest person at number 655.

Citing various sources, Gustav is the son of the founder of SalMar ASA, Gustav Wizoe. SalMar is a Norwegian fish farming company and one of the largest farmed salmon producers in the world which was founded in 1991, or 2 years before Gustav was born.

The company’s main activities include marine phase cultivation, brood production and smolt, processing and selling farmed salmon. The company holds 100 licenses for the production of Atlantic salmon in Norway.

Well, through this company, Gustav can become one of the richest young tycoons in the world. Wealth began to be nurtured since 2013, or when he was only 19 years old.

At that time, his father bequeathed his 47 percent stake in SalMar to Gustav. That legacy makes him the third youngest billionaire in the world. Because of this legacy, Forbes noted that Gustav’s net worth reached US$2.9 billion in 2018.

Not only Rely on Inheritance

But, it was not only inheritance that later made Gustav’s fortune soar that he made him a young billionaire. The reason is, apart from inheritance, Gustav, who previously worked for MGM Property, also has business expertise.

He is one of the investors in the technology and information sector, as well as startups and property.

He has an impressive investment portfolio providing support to startups such as Gobi, a competitor to Snapchat and Keybutler, an app that partners with Airbnb.

In 2017, he and his business partners also invested in Solsiden, a bar and restaurant rental management company in Trondheim.

The investment effort saw him diversify his business away from the salmon empire his father had raised.

Because of his efforts, he once said that his parents regretted having made him the heir to the company at such a young age.

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