Gurucall, the platform that puts you in contact with Mario Conde or Cayetano Rivera


A platform allows hiring coaching sessions with expert businessmen or athletes such as Alejandro Agag, Haze or Antonio Cataln.

Jos Manuel Peral, the founder and CEO of Gurucall.IN

Alejandro Agag, Mario Conde, Albert Rivera, Cayetano Rivera and 80 other leaders more willing to share experiences, experiences and advice with anyone… upon payment, Clear. It is the proposal of Gurucall, a new platform that offers individual sessions, events and master classes with business experts, financiers, elite athletes and gurus in other activities such as fashion or cooking to “help organizations make better decisions and people to get the best version of themselves,” according to its website

Behind this platform, launched only two months ago, is a young entrepreneur marbell of 39 years worked in the world of consulting and finance. Jos Manuel Peral Corts has managed to recruit best experts to work as coaches on the platform. “It has not been easy because the pandemic caught us and everything was delayed,” he tells LOC.

Peral grew up in a family of small entrepreneurs -his father had a network of laundries in Marbella- and he decided to follow the same path after seeing that consulting and Price Waterhouse were not his thing. “I was bored, although I learned a lot, because the world of consulting takes you to the limit”, confess.

In Marbella, he assures, there is a whole generation of entrepreneurs “very interesting”, with the founders of Tuenti (Flix Ruiz) or Job and Talent (Juan Urdiales) at the head, which form panda from cros. “We’ve known each other since we were 12 or 13 years old,” he says. There are also many investors from the technology world who spend the summer there and are willing to put money into projects and good ideas.

From top to bottom and from left to right: Mario Conde, Albert Rivera, Cayetano Rivera, Gloria Lomana, Alejandro Agag, Amaya Valdemoro, Dani Garc
From top to bottom and from left to right: Mario Conde, Albert Rivera, Cayetano Rivera, Gloria Lomana, Alejandro Agag, Amaya Valdemoro, Dani García, Gisela Pulido and Haze, some of the app’s gurus.

It was precisely Flix Ruiz who gave him the idea of ​​setting up a platform for coaching Y mentoring with leaders, something very widespread in the Anglo-Saxon world but that did not exist in Spain. “We saw that many people contacted entrepreneurs through Linkedin to express doubts or ask for advice and we thought that this could work. We obtained financing of 1.2 million especially to set up the entire technological part, which is very expensive.”


At first it was difficult for them to board the gurus on their platform until Alejandro Agag told them yes. Through friends and acquaintances of both, they managed to contact him and convince him to be one of the coach de Gurucall. “He loved the idea and was the first to jump into the water. We went to London to record him in the midst of a pandemic, I don’t even know how we managed it. Back and forth in the day…”. The Aznar’s son-in-law he was the first famous businessman recruited and gave credibility to the platform. “It was the ‘hook’ for others to join.” Then came other gurus such as Antonio Cataln, founder of the NH and AC hotels, Mario Conde, former president of Banesto, Jaime Bas, CEO of Auro, o Albert Rivera, the former president of Ciudadanos. And sports leaders like Amaya Valdemoro, Sergio Scariolo, David Meca or Gisela Pulido. One of the latest additions has been the bullfighter Cayetano Rivera, who teaches a master class on managing fear and pressure.

Contacting all these experts costs between 500 and 3,000 euros per hour, approximate figures because it depends a lot on each guru. “Each one sets their own rate, although we also offer the possibility for the user to make their own offer,” says Peral, although he clarifies that the majority usually donate the money. The sessions last 15 minutes, half an hour or an hour and the main clients are usually the companies. Before the call, a confidentiality agreement is signed by both parties.

In two months, some 30 sessions have been held with different gurus and Peral assures that they have a waiting list to be part of the list of experts. “Many people call us but we are selective. We are growing and our idea is in four or five years to be leaders in coaching in Spanish.” So far they have obtained another round of investment of 500,000 euros.

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