News Grenoble shows a trend that lasts

Grenoble shows a trend that lasts


Maintenance of the short circuits : a mode of consumption that installs

During the confinement, the French have discovered the short circuits, to make their food purchases. A way attractive to feed themselves more healthily. But also to avoid the stress of queues in front of supermarkets. Today, the maintenance of the short circuit is confirmed, because many consumers remain seduced by this new way to buy their food. In particular, in Grenoble, where this practice is well established.

The attractiveness of direct selling

Currently, the producers of the metropolis of grenoble, rejoice. Indeed, despite the déconfinement part in the course, they find that the maintenance of the short circuits tends to assert itself. Thus, the direct sales between growers or farmers and the consumers has become common. Because of this, it is observed that the sales made at the farm, with vegetables or fruits freshly picked, have become usual. Moreover, in the region, the habit of shopping in smaller markets, or by the intermediary of an Association for Maintaining a Peasant Agriculture, develops. Thus, new providers can better work. Attracting a loyal clientele. To meet this demand, local structures such as The Hive That Says Yes, or Welcome to the Farm, have adapted. In developing the schedules, or proposing bulk orders. This limits the manipulations of the food purchased.

A growing range of services

The maintenance of the short circuits is confirmed in France, despite the déconfinement part.

The maintenance of the short circuits is confirmed in France, despite the déconfinement part.

In 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food were in France about 106,000 farms that operated in short circuit. However, since mid-march 2020, this figure has increased significantly. In fact, thanks to the containment, awareness among consumers has occurred. In favour of the retention of the short circuits. Thus, the Internet site of Grenoble Alpes Métropole is a particularly salient example. For proof, from the beginning of the health crisis, in just three days, it received over 32,000 visits for local producers. This, despite the sharp drop in applications from restaurants and canteens were forced to close. On-site, to respond to, and ensure the maintenance of the short circuits, farmers, and ranchers have had to revise their offers. In order to sell their production. In fact, of the professional platforms as the Grenoble-Alpes Métropole have largely contributed. Provided logistical support to be very effective. Through multiple exchanges were facilitated. This has allowed local networks to greatly develop, in a variety of common (Gières, Eybens, Poisat, Saint-Martin-d’hères, etc).

An effective aid to the region

To support and encourage the retention of the short circuits, the region has done everything possible. With the support of the Chamber of Agriculture and the Prefecture of the Isère. In particular, putting in place a financing granted by the regional Council, and the european Union. These various efforts have allowed most open-air markets of Grenoble to reopen, as soon as the easing of the containment. By being properly stocked. In addition, the Market of National Interest of the metropolis has continued to function. By staying free and accessible to all of the local producers. This has guaranteed a regular supply of fresh products of all the shops. Thus promoting food self-sufficiency of the region as a whole.

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