Great success for “Sport im Park” in Krefeld

Sports campaign in the Kaiser-Friedrich-Hain in Krefeld
Great success for “Sport in the Park”

The organizers were surprised by the huge response: the sports and leisure activities in Kaiser-Friedrich-Hain have been accepted throughout the quarter – including Latin and line dance offers.

The ambience could hardly be more appropriate: in the middle of the Kaiser-Friedrich-Hain, children play at various stations. Some play soccer, others take part in exercise games. It is the “Sports Festival in the Park” that takes place here. In the midst of this hustle and bustle, those responsible from the city, Stadtsportbund and AOK are taking stock of the second edition of “Sport im Park”.

This year’s edition is a huge success. Participation exceeded expectations. The clubs and other participants also benefit, ”says the deputy chairman of the city sports association, Cordula Meisgen. Stephanie Bendt, who is responsible for the project as a specialist in integration through sport at the SSB, provides figures on this: “We currently have 2,100 confirmed participants. However, the past two weeks have not yet been evaluated here. We assume that we will end up with a good 2,500 participants. That is a gigantic result compared to last year when it was a little over 800, ”she says.

The reasons are, on the one hand, earlier advertising, but also the establishment of the offer and the introduction of an app for registration. “It caught on very quickly,” says Meisgen. Not everything was set to electronic registration. “For example, we had two older women over 80 who turned to us and said they couldn’t get along with the app. So we did it very old-school with paper and paper, “continues the person in charge and adds:” The two are also the perfect example of what sport should achieve in the park. They really booked everything that was on offer in the area of ​​dancing and geared their entire week accordingly. “

Dancing in particular was extremely well received. “It was extremely worth it for us. We had three full groups, a total of 14 women joined us. Especially line dance, a dance in which the participants dance as a group, but each alone to Schlager music, and our Latin ladies were in great demand, ”said Jutta Pastor, chairwoman of the TC Seidenstadt.

But the success was not only great for the clubs and the organizers. The municipal integration center involved is also extremely satisfied. “Here we have an opportunity to introduce people, especially children and young people, to the sport directly in the neighborhood and in a very low-threshold way. This is very valuable to us in many ways. On the one hand it is of course health prevention, but also a social one. We go where the children are and work together with schools, daycare centers and youth centers. It’s about social participation, so we also get access to people who then come to us with other problems in addition to sport. This also provides help with forms and so on, ”says Aylin Okyar-Köpke from the youth welfare and employment promotion department.

The successes are so great that they are now even discussing a continuation. “Right here, in the district around the Bleichpfad, we have a high level of participation and great success. Since we also have a hall here with free occupancy, we are currently discussing whether we should continue to offer courses over the winter. Exactly how that should look is currently being discussed, “continues Okayar-Köpke and Meisgen adds:” We once had the promise of ‘mom, dad and me’. Something like that would be quite conceivable. “

After the great success, sport in the park should definitely come back in 2022. “The participation from all sides is really excellent. 14 participating clubs and organizations and additional volunteers are just as great a success as the probably around 2,500 visitors or participants. The motivation to be at least as big and successful again next year is correspondingly high, ”says Bendt. Maybe even with an offer in winter without a break in between.


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