World GPS competition Beidou: China last satellite into space

GPS competition Beidou: China last satellite into space


China has supported its satellite Navigation network “Beidou” is finished. With the launch of the last satellite in the world was completed-spanning the end of the System. At the top of a rocket of the type Long March 3B satellite launched from the Baikonur Xichang in southwest China and reached the earth orbit.

Beidou-3, based on 35 satellites, is in competition with other navigation systems: the European Galileothe Russian System Glonass, in particular, but also the American GPS.

China wants to start in the summer of mission to Mars

With Beidou-1 and Beidou-2 China was a seamless coverage in the Asia-Pacific region is possible.

Originally, the last Beidou satellite should already be at 16. June will be put into orbit. The Start had to be due to technical problems postponed.

For the first time in the history of the Chinese space programme Chang’e 5 to bring rock samples from the moon back. Next year the core module, as well as other parts for the construction of the planned Chinese space station to be launched into space.

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