Government Reaffirms Booster Vaccines Only for Healthcare Workers – The government continues to accelerate the delivery of the third dose of vaccine or booster for health workers (nakes). The government emphasized that booster vaccines were only given to health workers to protect them in carrying out their duties in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The priority of the booster vaccine program at this time is health workers as a population at risk, as well as vital in supporting health services during the pandemic,” said Minister of Communications and Information Johnny G Plate, Saturday (9/25/2021).

Currently, the government only provides booster vaccines for health workers. The government has not made any policy changes related to this so that booster vaccines cannot be given to the general public.

“Currently, booster vaccines are only prioritized for health workers. This is because these groups are more at risk of being exposed to COVID-19,” he said.

Johnny explained that until September 24, 2021, the provision of the third dose of vaccine for health workers had reached 60.74 percent more than the vaccination target of 892,192 people.

The government is still reviewing plans for a third vaccine program for the general public next year. According to the Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny, the policy still requires deeper consideration and discussion. Moreover, currently, the number of recipients of the COVID-19 vaccine for the first dose has not yet reached 50 percent of the total population of Indonesia.

“Until now, the booster or the third dose is still a priority for health workers,” he said.

Based on data from the Ministry of Health as of Friday, September 24, 2021 at 18:00 WIB, the overall realization of dose 1 vaccination in Indonesia has reached 85,015,837 million people or 40.82 percent of the target target. Meanwhile, the realization of the second dose of vaccination has reached 47,776,434 people or 22.94 percent of the target. [ray]


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