Government aid covers only 6% of the price increases

The sting on electricity and gas brings families and businesses to their knees and the bitter truth comes from the CGIA: government aid covers only 6% of the price increases.

The analysis of the CGIA is truly ruthless and photographs an economic situation that can really bring the country to its knees. The tremendous inflationary spiral in which we have entered has inflated electricity and gas bills in an unbelievable way and both families and businesses are in trouble. It becomes difficult for families to cope with such inflated bills and many companies are forced to reduce or even suspend production. In recent months, the European Central Bank had assured that the inflationary phenomenon was transitory and that there was no need to worry. But in reality this turned out to be absolutely false. For its part, the government had promised to deflate the expensive bill with a series of targeted interventions. But the CGIA now do the accounts in the pockets of families and businesses and the numbers that emerge are disheartening.

A sting that no one is stopping

Government interventions only cover a meager 6% of the rises on utility bills and as a result, any negative impact these hikes will have on the economy will not be significantly reduced. The frailties are manifold. The poorest families are in real risk of being left without essential services. All consumers, regardless of the economic situation, are heavily contracting their expenses because they are frightened by the contingency. Businesses are struggling to produce and absorb ever more exorbitant costs. In essence, the government’s intervention up to now has been practically irrelevant for the CGIA. But can the Italian economy withstand such a strong blow?

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Confindustria argues that the high bill puts the recovery at serious risk.

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For their part, observers of the new poverties underline a dramatic condition for too many families.

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