Technology Google and Carrefour you can now do your shopping...

Google and Carrefour you can now do your shopping at the voice


This is a world first that have booked Google and Carrefour. The american group and the brand market launch the first process of shopping online to the voice.

You can order the voice of your shopping at Carrefour // Source : Frandroid

Give the voice became a habit in our daily connected. Whatsoever to dictate a message to his smartphone to control their home automation or know the latest info. Well, you will now be able to also do your shopping without touching a device or moving your home (or almost).

If Alexa allowed already to place an order on Amazon, the online retailer of her house-mother, without leaving the ecosystem, it is a unique partnership that has just been initiated between Google and the giant of the food Hub. Online commerce has taken a new dimension with the containment, the latter intends to implement much more in the e-commerce by launching the races of the voice.

A world first

Based on the Wizard of Google, Carrefour becomes the first retailer in the world to try the experiment. You will be able to do absolutely everything to the voice, start the ordering process to validate the purchase via the fill your virtual shopping cart. It is enough to say “Ok Google, I want to do my shopping” to start the process, and then add the products by setting them out.

How can I be sure that the products placed in your shopping cart are the good guys ? The wizard will be based on your research, any previous commands by line to identify the products that you prefer, and make suggestions. It will also take into account the popularity of the products. But free everyone to add, delete, or modify the list of available items.

Crossroads and Google launch the command of your runs to the voice Crossroads and Google launch the command of your races on the voice

Crossroads and Google launch the command of your races to the voice // Source : Google

The choice of product recommended depending on your habits

For Google and Carrefour, the idea is to have the shopping experience the more “smooth and secure” as possible. The american group has already warned that the data that the user consents to share in using the service would not be used for other purposes. It is, however, possible to easily remove this information at any time. They will be automatically after 30 days without purchase.

Carrefour is the first partner identified to take advantage of the voice command of the races. Other signs could quickly add to the list of merchants, Google ad.

Crossroads and Google launch the command of your runs to the voice Crossroads and Google launch the command of your races on the voice

Crossroads and Google launch the command of your races to the voice // Source : Google

How to make your races ?

  • Online, it is necessary to associate a Google account with an account with Carrefour. Google Assistant will then be able to integrate your shopping list.
  • You order by saying ” Ok Google, I want to do my shopping “, and you simply state your products by saying ” Ok Google, add the bread, apricots, yogurt… “. The list may be filled at any time, and may even be shared with friends who will also be able to add food.
  • To check your list, you can say ” Ok Google, show me my shopping list “, or refer to it on The wizard can then make suggestions.
  • Once the shopping list is done, you just have to tell Google Wizard ” That is all ! “.
  • You can validate orally or press the button “shopping” online. It is sufficient then to choose the mode of delivery at home or in the removal drive. The command is sent to for the payment.
Order from the voice on carr Order from the voice on carr

To place an order on the Crossroads of the voice, it is now possible // Source : Frandroid

The service is available today on smartphones, speakers voice and connected screens with the Wizard of Google.

Google Assistant is now an interesting tool to use on our smartphones. However, the people in charge of the intelligent personal assistant want to expand it even more, to the point of making it indispensable in the eyes of the users….
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