GLOSS: Zlín’s move is understandable and should not provoke negative reactions

You don’t want to play without such material unless you have to.

But Třinec had to, because Zlín did not listen to their wishes, unlike Olomouc, with which the Steelmen will fight instead of Sunday. The refusal was justified, among other things, by a busy deadline. “Their opinion was that they could not find a date and that they did not want a new one, which we respected,” said coach Václav Varaďa after the match, which, by the way, the Steelmakers won 6: 2 without much difficulty.

Nevertheless, the people of Třinec did not hide that the decision of the Rams did not smell good to them. They admitted that for this reason they had a great motivation to beat the last team in the table, even in a weakened group. Home fans greeted the guests with a whistle. “I guess it’s logical that Olomouc agreed to the transfer,” said Varaďa, to whom the players returned to training after the ordered quarantine the day before the match.

And it’s definitely not ideal.

The hockey directive for this season says that if one of the teams does not play the full number of matches in the basic part, the number of points according to the average profit will be included in the table. That is why Zlín needs to play and best win.

The match on the ice of the weakened Třinec was a great opportunity for Zlínská to gain valuable points, which they urgently need in their situation. Each point scored can play a huge role in the prosecution of the fourteenth Kladno if the complete program is not completed.

Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

Overcome goalkeeper Libor Kašík from Zlín.Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, CTK

From this point of view, it is hard to surprise Zlínský that they wanted to play the match at all costs. The outbreak is spreading the plague, after Třinec the hygienists have also ordered quarantine for the České Budějovice Motor, and on Friday Mladá Boleslav also headed to it. Teams have to postpone matches and it is very difficult to find new dates in the busy Olympic season.

“We also missed some players. We evaluated it in such a way that almost every team will go through this. I do not believe that we will not fall into it either, which is why we decided to do so, “explained coach Luboš Rob, who led Zlín instead of head coach Luboš Jenáček in Třinec on Friday, who refused the request.

The people of Zlín did not understand Zlín’s step. They emphasized that Olomouc had no problem with postponing the match. But would the Hanians behave the same if they were in a similar mess as Zlín? Would they agree to postpone a match that is in danger of not being played anymore? Hard to say. The last team falls directly for the competition lower. And that’s a huge scarecrow.

The Zlín plan did not work out. They wanted to play and got loaded. Enthusiastically playing substitutes from the farm Frýdek-Místek seized the chances and the troubled Zlín collapsed into an even greater marathon, from which the group around Captain Pavel Kubiš will find it very difficult. Especially when Kladno, unlike Zlín, can get a point here and there.


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