Gloomy facts about former Pope Benedict XVI when he was archbishop come to light

Pope Benedict, then known as Joseph Racinger, served as archbishop in Munich from 1977 to 1982. He denied all charges against the church staff at the time.

A report by the German law firm on the abuse of German Catholic churches states that violence against four children continued during Racinger’s tenure and that the accused continued to play an active role in the church.

In 2013, the former Pope Benedict XVI, now 94 years old, became the first pope in Rome in 600 years to resign. Since then, he has been living a quiet and hidden life in the Vatican.

The new report, commissioned by the Catholic Church, said he had been told about the violence against children in his duties as archbishop, but had not acted.

“Two of these cases involve abuse during his term of office, which has been punished by the state,” said Martin Push, a lawyer. “In both cases, the perpetrators continued their pastoral care.”

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