GLOBAL POPULAR: Hunters in Thailand Roast Tiger Meat | Russia’s Dialogue with the West Failed Totally All – The news about hunters in Thailand who grilled tiger meat in the jungle and then finally surrendered to officers was the most read article in Global Popular this time.

Below, there is the story of a man in Singapore who had the heart to “provide” his wife at home to be raped by his business partner until finally he and the perpetrator had to face the law.

Next, there is news about dialogue Russia and related West Ukrainian conflict which is a total failure thus increasing the risk of war.

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For more details, a summary of Global Popular articles from Friday (14/1/2022) to Saturday (15/1/2022) morning can be seen below:

1. After Roasting Tiger Meat in the Forest, These 4 Men Finally Surrendered

Four wildlife hunters caught grilling meat Bengal tiger at Thong Pha Phum National Park, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand on Sunday (9/1/2022).

The action of the hunters was initially discovered by park rangers who were on patrol around 10:00 local time.

Patrol officers first discovered black smoke billowing from an area near a creek at Tambon Pilok in Thong Pha Phum district, about 3-4 kilometers from the Thailand-Myanmar border.

Watch the full incident here

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2. This man has the heart to invite a business partner to his home to rape his wife, only the perpetrators will be tried

A man in Singapore bravely allowed his business partner to rape his “provided” wife.

Call this man with the initials A2.

However, the Singapore Court first sentenced the perpetrator or partner of A2 to 3 years in prison in a trial held on Thursday (13/1/2022).

The perpetrator was convicted on charges of conspiring to commit rape.

Meanwhile, A2 who “provided” his new wife will be tried next month.

Check out the full chronology here

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3. Russia’s dialogue with the West fails miserably, the risk of war increases

Russia calls security talks with United States of America (USA) and NATO failed miserably.

Moscow says there is ongoing disagreement on fundamental issues.

Spokesman for the Russian Presidential Office Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday (13/1/2022), two rounds of talks, one each in Geneva and Brussels, did produce positive nuances.

But, continued Peskov, Moscow is looking for concrete results.

Read more here

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4. Talks with Russia dead end, the US: The drums of war have been beaten in Europe

The United States (US) said the drums of war were being pounded loudly in Europe because talks between the West and Russia on Ukraine had reached a stalemate.

This was conveyed by the US Envoy for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Michael Carpenter at a meeting held on Thursday (13/1/2022) in Vienna.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, the West must be prepared in case tensions with Moscow escalate.

Read more here

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5. Showing off breasts at the stadium, this girl was scolded by a mother and ended up making a fuss

A girl who shows off her breasts in front of many people in the stadium, gets scolded by a mother and ends in a commotion.

This event was recorded by the audience and uploaded to social media.

The video has gone viral and has sparked debate among netizens.

Quoted from Daily Star on Friday (1/14/2022), the video, which was originally uploaded on TikTok and later shared on Twitter, shows a mother scolding a girl who lowered her shirt and exposed her breasts while biting a beer glass in her mouth.

Read the full story here

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