Germany further tightens noose: period ‘cure from corona’ suddenly halved

Very slowly but surely it is made practically impossible for the unvaccinated German to remain unvaccinated any longer. The omikron variant is now being used as a reason to halve the term for ‘curing corona’ in Germany from six to three months. A decision that was taken by the Robert Koch Institute without prior notice.

Anyone who thought that they could cheerfully participate in German society for up to six months after a corona infection will be disappointed. The German health minister, Karl Lauterbach, even continued to claim that that term could even be extended under certain circumstances, reports The Telegraph. But nothing is less true. That was all about the delta variant and the omikron variant is now dominant. A completely different situation according to the German RIVM.

And so Germany is slowly but surely pulling the noose further and further unvaccinated Germans. First there was a 3G policy, that quickly became a 2G policy. That again became a 2G+ policy, which means that as a vaccinated person you still have to be tested for everything. And now they are on a kind of 1.5G policy. There almost seems to be a pattern…

The strange thing is that Germany is still firmly convinced of the effectiveness of the corona vaccines and seems to have absolutely no confidence in the protection as a result of a corona infection. They want everyone to benefit from the vaccines so much that with this new policy they implicitly believe that unvaccinated people can be re-infected every three months. That was not the case with any other variant, at least not in such a short period of time, but the omikron variant would be a completely different story.

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As a result of such absurd policy choices, the Netherlands will soon have a 2G policy pushed down its throat. France has already introduced it and Germany is going one step further. It has absolutely nothing to do with facts or logic anymore, because it is known in all those countries that the current vaccines are hardly and/or only equally effective. In any case, the majority of the population does not benefit from it. And certainly not for the weak omikron variant, which the vaccines don’t do much against anyway.

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