German fighter robbed in New York – they wanted his Rolex

The Düsseldorf MMA fighter Islam Dulatov has been robbed in New York. The perpetrators targeted his Rolex watch.

During a trip to the USA, the martial artist Islam Dulatov was robbed by four armed perpetrators. The 23-year-old was booked as a model for a production of the fashion label “Moschino” in New York, as reported by “Bild”.

Accordingly, the attack occurred after visiting a fitness studio. During an internet livestream, the 23-year-old was threatened with guns by four masked perpetrators. They forced him to surrender his Rolex watch (model “Datejust Iced Out”).

In the video, “Bild” should be heard as one of the robbers loads his gun. The MMA fighter issued the watch. He later wrote on Instagram: “Better the clock than my life”.

The man from Düsseldorf told the newspaper: “They probably ambushed me because they saw me with the watch”. Dulatov always wore his Rolex watch visibly on his arm, as older Instagram photos of the MMA fighter show.


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