GERB compares Minister Rashkov with Tsvetanov

Ekaterina Zaharieva STAFF: BNT

The government is disgusting with our mothers and fathers, says Ekaterina Zaharieva

“Patience is running out. The GERB party has hired lawyers and Boyko Rashkov will prove his allegations in court, where he belongs.” This was said by the GERB-UDF MP and former Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva on BNT regarding the allegations of Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov about the money from “Hemus”, which, in his words, went directly to GERB.

“Boyko Rashkov has overtaken Tsvetan Tsvetanov,” Zaharieva said in response to a question about whether the former second in GERB and interior minister had acted in a similar way.

She added that people expect results from the government.

“For every new government, they give tolerance, some say 100 days. But some of the ministers have been in the two caretaker cabinets, and people want to see quick solutions,” the former foreign minister explained. She added that hatred is a very strong feeling, but it is short-lived and not constructive.

“What is happening with the pre-election increase in pensions – it turned out to be a reduction. With inflation and bills for December, pre-election promise of an increase in pensions, and it will be a reduction, is, to put it mildly, disgusting for our mothers and fathers.


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