Entertainment Geraldine Bazán and Gabriel Soto come together to show...

Geraldine Bazán and Gabriel Soto come together to show love to their daughter


Geraldine Bazan Y Gabriel Soto come together to show love to your daughter Elisa, who turns 11 today and is becoming a great lady, beautiful and talented as a father and mother, as well as a great role model for her younger sister, the lovely Miranda.

Although the separation of Geraldine Bazan Y Gabriel Soto He has given a lot to talk about and adjusting to this new family dynamic has been complicated for everyone involved, both celebrities have put aside their differences to celebrate Elisa’s big day.

This weekend Geraldine Bazan attended some personal commitments while Gabriel Soto spent time with his daughters and taking advantage that they were together, made a nice celebration, which he shared a bit on social networks.

For its part, Geraldine Bazan also shared on social networks like Instagram some of her favorite images of her eldest daughter, in addition to a beautiful message thanking life for having made her a mother with such a beautiful, noble and intelligent young lady.

Geraldine Bazán and Gabriel Soto, 11 years as parents and a daughter who fills them with pride

Although Miranda, the youngest daughter of Geraldine Bazan Y Gabriel Soto He has also stolen the hearts of his parents’ followers for his great charm, Elisa, who turns 11 today has proven to be as talented as his parents and they couldn’t be more proud.

Last year Geraldine Bazan Y Gabriel Soto They accompanied Elisa at a very important moment, her first communion. Today, they proudly celebrate the great talent they have shown, because it is good for dancing, for modeling, it is beautiful and they have also tried a bit of acting.

While Elisa and Miranda made a special appearance in “Single with Daughters”, the novel that currently stars Gabriel Soto, Geraldine Bazan It will be the one who delivers the post, because she will accompany her eldest daughter in her official debut as an actress, in a project that they have done together and will soon come to light.

Gabriel Soto He also shared a couple of images of his daughter Elisa and a nice message, where he stressed that he would always be for her. To this day, both celebrities have worked to bring a cordial relationship for the welfare of their daughters and have chosen to avoid public attacks, respecting their role as parents and making it clear that there is no longer any kind of love interest.



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