Georgina Rodríguez lived in a storage room before meeting Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Georgina Rodríguez remembered what her life was like before meeting Cristiano Ronaldo

  • The one from Jaca traveled to Madrid and had to rent a house that had been a storage room

  • His life changed radically when he met the footballer and he currently lives in impressive million-euro mansions.

Cristiano Ronaldo Y Georgina rodriguez made their relationship public in 2016. As they have already told on more than one occasion, the couple met in a luxury store in Serrano where the influencer worked as a shop assistant. “Days later we met again at another brand’s event and that was when we were able to speak in a relaxed atmosphere, outside of my work environment. It was love at first sight for both of us“, revealed a long time ago in an interview for the magazine ‘Elle’.

Georgina rodriguezCORDON PRESS

Since that moment, the couple’s relationship has been public and we have been able to follow their moves, the birth of their first daughter together and now the news that they are expecting twins. What we do not know so well is the life that Georgina Rodríguez had before being famous and meeting the soccer player, something that she herself has told for a Netflix reality series that will premiere at the end of January. Under the name ‘Soy Georgina’, the one from Jaca recounts how her life has changed in the last four years.

Georgina Rodríguez’s past before meeting Cristiano Ronaldo

She was born in Argentina but was still very young when she moved to Jaca. At the age of 19, the model decided to leave there to get a job and started as a waitress in a town in Huesca where she rented a room and shared a flat. At that stage of his life, he took the opportunity to save money and be able to live in Madrid.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina RodríguezCORDON PRESS

Once in the capital, Geo got her first job as a shop assistant, but since she still wanted to train, she took a break for a few months to travel to England and learn English. On her return to Spain, at the age of 22, she started as a clerk in a luxurious store on Serrano Street and her life changed forever. “My arrival in Madrid was tremendous. I was looking for many cheap apartments for 300 euros and I ended up in an apartment that had been a storage room. It was cold in winter and hot in summer. The day I met Cristiano, my life changed, “he has told in the preview that we have seen of his new reality show.

She currently works as a model and influencer and is the Spanish with the most followers on social networks (more than 29 million). What is clear to him, despite this radical change in life, is that he cannot forget where he comes from and that is why he collaborates with Nuevo Futuro, an association of children who are tutored by the Community of Madrid.


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