News Geoffrey Berman, the u.s. attorney in Manhattan who investigated...

Geoffrey Berman, the u.s. attorney in Manhattan who investigated to associates of Trump, is replaced abruptly | Univision network News Policy


Despite the announcement, Berman said in a statement that it refused to abandon his post.

“Did not quit and I do not intend to resign my job,” said Berman, adding that she learned that she was “giving up” in a press release from the Department of Justice.

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Barr also said in the statement that Craig Carpenito, the united States Attorney for New Jersey, will become the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan as a Federal Prosecutor acting. Carpenito will be in charge of the operations of the office from June 3,according to the statement.

Shortly after that was issued the declaration of Barr, the president, Donald Trump announced to Jay Clayton, chairman of the Securities and exchange Commission, as his choice to take charge of the office of the prosecutor.

“Geoff has done an excellent job in leading one of the offices most important tax in our nation, achieving many successes in civil and criminal matters,” said Barr in his statement.

According to the journal The New York Times, Barr asked Mr. Berman to resign, but he refused, so that Barr had fired him, he told the media a person familiar with the matter. Trump had been discussing the elimination Berman for a time with a small group of advisers, said the person.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan to handle some of the cases of financial security, political, and national more delicate in the Department of Justice, and the office of Berman has a long tradition of charting its own course in high-profile cases.

During the past year, the office of Berman introduced charges against two close associates of the current attorney for the president, Rudolph Giuliani. Berman also conducted an investigation on the committee’s inaugural Trump, citing financial records and of another type as part of a broader investigation into possible illegal contributions from foreigners.

The abrupt removal of Berman occurred a few days after the exasesor of National Security Trump, John Bolton, claims in his new book that Trump tried to interfere in an investigation of the office of Berman in a Turkish bank, in an attempt to cut deals with the president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The resignations and dismissals most talked-about of the government of Donald Trump (photos)


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