Genesis G90 completely revealed. Offers super-luxury gear, but only a six-cylinder

Genesis officially introduces a new generation of its flagship, the G90 sedan. Shortly after the publication of the first pictures, there are also more details, including information about the offered power units.

Genesis is a luxury brand of the Korean carmaker Hyundai-Kia, which became independent of the parent brand in 2015. It started its existence in style, being the first to launch its flagship, luxury sedan G90. But it was nothing but a modified one Hyundaiem Equus in the spirit of the new brand. But now he is coming the second generation of the Genesis G90which is already a distinctive car.

And again, Genesis is afraid to compete with established luxury manufacturers. Two variants are coming to the market again, the original sedan and the design with an extended wheelbase, following the example of limousines from German luxury brands.

If the basic G90 measures 5,275 mm in length, the G90 LWB is even 5,465 mm long. The wheelbase is 3,180 mm and 3,370 mm, depending on the version.

Both designs also differ in their appearance. Genesis G90 LWB has a distinctive bumpers, more pronounced chrome plating is to make this version more elegant and sleeker.

In addition, each version gets its own power unit. However, a certain disappointment is that the new G90 debuts exclusively with six-cylinder engines. The future of the five-liter eight-cylinder fork from its predecessor is so uncertain.

The basic version relies on a supercharged 3.5 T-GDi six-cylinder fork tuned to 280 kW and 530 Nm. It is always paired with an eight-speed automatic, but there is a choice of rear or all-wheel drive. This G90 LWB also has a six-cylinder 3.5 T-GDi, but its turbocharger complements the electric compressor for faster reactions at lower speeds. The standard in this case is all-wheel drive, with the performance parameters to be published.

Comfort on board is enhanced by a new adaptive chassis using a bow camera and navigation data to adjust suspension settings to the current driving situation. The air suspension that changes the air pressure in the springs adjusts the ground clearance as needed – at higher speeds, the car lowers to reduce air resistance and thus consumption, on uneven roads it increases again to protect the chassis and reduce road vibration. Thanks to the camera and navigation, it also adapts to the surroundings, making the G90 more easily overcoming the deceleration thresholds. There is also the possibility of turning the rear axle, to increase agility or stability, as needed.

As the flagship of the G90, of course, there is also the most luxurious equipment. The Bang & Olufsen music system with 23 surround speakers can ensure quality music listening, which can also dampen ambient noise by transmitting opposite frequencies of sound. Thanks to this, Genesis can claim that the G90 is the quietest car in the brand’s history. This is also helped by the optimization of damping materials or the use of laminated glass in the windows.

For the first time, the Genesis also has an interior scent, with a choice of one of three scents. Thanks to the air cushions, the seats not only provide a massage function, but also hold better in corners when the Sport mode is switched on, via inflatable side panels.

Rear passengers can then use not only the “VIP seats” on the right rear with the footrest, but also various screens. In the center armrest there is an 8 “display for controlling comfort functions, in the rear of the headrests of the front seats there are 10.2” displays of the entertainment system.

The door can then close itself after the performance, just press the appropriate button. There is also a digital key that allows you to unlock the car via a smartphone or a fingerprint reader for driver authentication. The vehicle software will then be updated over the air, without the need to visit a service center, including updates to the head-up display settings or assistance systems.

Today’s reaction is also antibacterial materials that prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms or a box in the armrest sterilized by UV light. The amount of harmful substances in the cabin is also minimized by the air cleaner with antibacterial filter.

The complete revelation then confirms one bad news that has been talked about in recent weeks. Genesis has officially confirmed that G90 sales in European markets are not planned at this time. Too bad we would be very curious about its comparison with the German luxury trio.


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