Gazmanov’s beautiful wife frolic in the pool without a swimsuit

The celebrity couple is enjoying their holidays in the Maldives.

Oleg and Marina Gazmanov. Photo:

Many celebrities have not yet finished their holidays. Celebrating the New Year Gazmanov, Oleg and Marina, first flew to Sochi, where she conquered the local ski slopes for a couple of days, and then went to bask.

Now Oleg and Marina Gazmanov are in the Maldives. Their secluded vacation relaxed them, if not even bored them – the couple began to go live on Instagram often, post various photos and videos from the beach, including quite frank ones.

This time Oleg Gazmanov captured his beautiful wife frolicking in the pool with the ocean in the background. There was absolutely nothing on Marina Gazmanova, but the artist’s muse was not embarrassed when he started filming, but, on the contrary, posed for him with pleasure.

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