Ganjar Not Invited Halalbihalal PDIP Central Java, FX Rudy Denies Conflict

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Governor of Central Java Pranowo reward not invited to the DPD PDIP halalbihalal event Central Java which was held at Panti Marhaen, Semarang, Saturday (7/5). The chairman of the Solo PDIP DPC FX Hadi Rudyatmo denied that there was an internal party conflict.

“There is no conflict. Conflict opo,” said Rudy, Friday (13/5).

According to Rudy, the Halalbihalal event as well as party consolidation was only attended by DPC administrators, PDIP cadres who served as regents/mayors, and PDIP cadres who sat as chairman of the regency/city DPRD. Therefore, he considered it reasonable if Ganjar was not invited.

“Indeed, they were not invited. Only the head of the city/regency area and the chairman of the DPC secretary, and the chairman of the city/district DPRD were invited,” he said.

Rudy believes that Central Java PDIP DPD Chairman Bambang Wuryanto deliberately did not invite Ganjar because the party consolidation agenda is more appropriate to be discussed with district/city level administrators. This is because the gainers for the votes for PDIP in the general election come from districts/cities.

“Perhaps the consideration is Mas Chairman of the DPD, who gains the votes in the city/regency,” he said.

In addition, Rudy suspects that Bambang also saw Ganjar currently busy with his work as governor. He also hopes that Ganjar can be invited to other party events.

“Seeing that the Governor is busy serving the community, only the mayor/regent was invited,” he said.

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