Game-changing research from scientists… ‘The inevitable end’ has accelerated!


A study in Switzerland concluded that the Earth’s interior is cooling faster than expected. According to the results in question, our planet, like Mercury and Mars, will become inactive much faster than previously thought.


our planet Earth Unlike the billions of galaxies in the universe, it remains active. However, this situation will not last forever.

Swiss science people have come to the conclusion that this inevitable end will happen faster than they thought.

Scientists at ETH Zurich studied the thermal properties of Bridgmanite, which forms the boundary between Earth’s mantle and outer core.

Within the scope of the study, it was concluded that the interior of the Earth is cooling faster than expected.

According to the news in the British Daily Mail newspaper, this means that heat-induced plate tectonics is slowing down faster than expected.

In other words, our planet, like Mercury and Mars, will become inactive much faster than previously thought.

However, it remains unclear exactly how long this process will take.



World scientist Motohiko Murakami, who made statements on behalf of the team that carried out the research, used the following statements;

‘Our results can offer us a new perspective on the evolution of Earth’s dynamics. Because the results indicate that, like the other rocky planets Mercury and Mars, the Earth cooled and became inactive much faster than expected.’

As part of the study, the team clamped a Bridgmanite crystal inside a diamond anvil cell and heated it with the help of a laser. The results were then compared using the ‘optical absorption’ measurement system.

‘This measurement system allows us to show that Bridgmanite’s thermal conductivity is about 1.5 times higher than assumed,’ Professor Murakami said.

This means that the rate at which heat escapes from the core to the mantle will also be higher than previously assumed.

“We still don’t know enough about such events to determine the time,” said Murakami, and underlined that we also need to determine how mantle dynamics are affected by the decay of radioactive elements in the Core.

The full findings of the research have been published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters.


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