Galkin gently hugged 72-year-old Pugacheva around the waist in public

The prima donna shone at the holiday in an elegant monochrome dress with a wide belt at the waist. Openwork mitts became the highlight of the singer’s image.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. Photo:

At 72 years old Alla Pugacheva found real female happiness. She became a mother – together with her husband, showman Maxim Galkin, the singer is raising eight-year-old twins Harry and Lisa. In addition, the artist is happy with her family life. She and her husband not only played a wedding, but also got married in the temple, sealing the union before God. The children of the Prima Donna in the new school year went to the second grade. They study at a prestigious gymnasium.

At one of the parties, Pugacheva happily posed with other guests and members of her large family. In the photo, Maxim Galkin gently hugged the 72-year-old singer around the waist, who dressed in an elegant monochrome outfit. The artist appeared at the festival in a fluffy bell skirt and long sleeve top with a boat neckline. Openwork mitts became the highlight of the singer’s image. Pugacheva was holding her daughter Lisa by the hand. Christina Orbakaite and her brother Harry were also noted in the frame. The son of showman Maxim Galkin stood next to his older sister.

Singer Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin
Alla Pugacheva in a fluffy bell skirt posed in the arms of her husband. Photo:

“Our Allusya is like a girl! It still blooms ”,“ What a beauty! It’s hard to believe that Alla is already 72 years old! Looks very young “,” Happy Together “,” The Strongest Couple in Russian Show Business “,” Wow! And Christie is next to you? “,” Well, what are they cool! So good, ”the followers write.

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