Business Galeria, Karstadt: houses in Braunschweig and Goslar close this...

Galeria, Karstadt: houses in Braunschweig and Goslar close this year


On this Friday, the verdict for the closure had been like. For the Union ver.di the decision was not understandable.

Karstadt Goslar, Germany, and Galeria Kaufhof in Brunswick close, at the earliest on 1. October. Photo: Alexander Dontscheff


Goslar / Braunschweig. The Karstadt branches in Goslar and Braunschweig will be closed. This could at the earliest to 1. October, happen, trade Union Secretary, Eberhard Buschbom-Helmke of the services Union ver.di in conversation with

How many employees it has, let difficult to quantify. The employees in the Department stores even external service providers, the Restaurants and in the homes-based business. The Union is going roughly 200 of its employees at the two locations, which are yet to lose this year, their Job. Since 12 o’clock, the phone boards of conferences between the operation and the business managers. 14 at the reasons for the decision were communicated to the employees.

Even if it was not mandatory on all Department stores transferable, Buschbom-Helmke says: “All the houses, which are no longer open today, Friday after 14 PM, the closure of homes.”

“In Goslar to rip out the retail in the downtown is the heart.”

– Eberhard Buschbom-Helmke, trade Union Secretary at ver.di

The From for 62 stores

In Germany, approximately 62 stores to be closed. This is about a third of the 172 branches. For ver.di, after all, already a success, because it originally stood in 80 stores prior to the closure. Neither of Goslar, even for Braunschweig, the decision, in the view of Eberhard Buschbom-Helmke iregdnwie had to explain: “In Goslar to rip out the retail in the city centre, the heart. This house is on the direct line from the station to the centre of the anchorage for the entire retail sector. What do you do here, is not at all understandable. Karstadt Goslar has always written in the black. This house had always had a stock law, solely because of the age structure in the Region.”

In Braunschweig, the thing don’t look different. “The branch office in Braunschweig has survived all the trials and tribulations of the last 20 years. And you would have been able to align this were the house with relatively few resources for the next ten years.” The reasons for the pending closures one could speculate currently, only ver.di presume, however, that rising Rents have played for commercial real estate, a not insignificant role.

A slap in the face

“This is a slap in the face for all concerned colleagues!” So the country commented on the Department Manager Sabine Gatz for the ver.di the today, announced the closures in a press release. After more than 16 years of redevelopment, and the associated Salary reduction agreement, the livelihoods of more than 350 employees were in the whole of lower Saxony on the game. “We will do everything to help the affected employees in this Situation,” said Gatz.

The year 2020, the Karstadt had a house GmbH and the Galeria Kaufhof GmbH were merged with help of a integration, collective agreement and associated financial contributions by the employees. In April of this year, not only due to the Corona pandemic, had requested the Executive Committee of the ailing Department store group, the so-called protective shield proceedings. “The members of the ver.di Federal tariff Commission and the works Council have left nothing untried, to prevent the meltdown yet,“ says Gatz.

Future concept, future music

“The errors are made in-house, and the Corona-crisis was ultimately only the accelerant,” she criticizes. Management to Management have been at the Jack in the Hand. The by the ver.di-the Federal tariff Commission and the works councils required in the future concept for the whereabouts of the rest of the houses were not still. “And again, the single seller, and the father of a family with their low incomes for the fault of the management!”, the trade unionist.

Any Chance

It is also the policy in the responsibility. “It must now be quickly and efficiently developed a new concept that, for the remaining sites to go on,” he urges, and stresses explicitly that this must be carried out with the employees and not on their heads! “Any Chance of continued employment or placement in one of the remaining branches should be used” as Gatz more.

Gatz announced support for the affected colleagues. ver.di’ll try with info, events and telephonic legal advice, to answer all the questions and for social mitigation of job losses the fight.

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