Galaxy SmartTag, a smart tracking device from Samsung

Make life easier with Galaxy SmartTag, a smart tracker from Samsung. A companion item for forgetful people.

Did you know that in one day People spend about 5 minutes on average searching for things. Whether it’s a wallet or a watch, and most of these are not far away from us. From this problem itself Causing Samsung to invent a smart tracking device like Galaxy SmartTag (Galaxy SmartTag) To help us find things Easier and faster It answers many people’s problems with a size smaller than 4×4 cm and only 13 grams light, so SmartTag can be attached to the house key. Document bag Or other personal belongings to be comfortable for added peace of mind Check your location anytime, anywhere from your Samsung smartphone in hand.

Galaxy SmartTag is the new device in the galaxy ecosystem. That has a simple way to use Start by connecting the Galaxy SmartTag to your Samsung smartphone. Open the SmartThings app and press the button on the SmartTag to send the signal. Then, on the smartphone screen, a pop-up window will appear. Select ‘Add now’. Once the setup is complete, the SmartTag can be attached to the desired item. To track your location in SmartThings Find

Galaxy SmartTag is designed to make our lives easier. Especially searching for important items that are often lost in a rush like car keys. Many people even had to pour out their bags because they couldn’t find anything. Just pick up the Galaxy smartphone and open SmartThings Find, then press the ‘Play Sound’ feature to make the Galaxy SmartTag that we have attached to the keychain to sound an alert. Just as we can easily follow. Save time and energy Don’t lose your temper either.

On the other hand, we sometimes forget where we put our smartphones in the house. When calling in, then mute the sound again The wizard that will make everything easier is to connect the SmartTag to your smartphone. Because there is a ‘Locate smartphone with Tag’ feature that can press a button on the SmartTag twice to make that smartphone sound. And finally found

Not only the belongings But we can also attach the Galaxy SmartTag to the collar of your pet as well, especially the “little brother” who has the opportunity to escape to play outside Making the owner worry Ran out looking for each other, which if there was a SmartTag with the younger ones It will add peace of mind, because the location can be located via Bluetooth (BLE), and if you lost your way beyond the scope of Bluetooth Or lose the connection with the smartphone, the SmartTag will send the signal to the nearby galaxy smartphones. The device then sends data to SmartThings Find to notify the owner of the location. Then go out and get it back (punish) that
In addition, SmartTag can be used as a remote control to turn on / off appliances. Including IoT devices in the home from other places as well For example When we leave the house already But just realized that the TV was left on Instead of having to go back You can manage to turn off the TV at the touch of a button on the SmartTag5, just connect the device through the SmartThings application and set the desired command set in the ‘Mode’ menu, and you can control your smart home with your fingertips. True to lifestyle in the digital age

The Galaxy SmartTag from Samsung comes in a compact size. To carry it anywhere or hang it with anything, it is perfect. Plus it’s easy to use and lasts up to 300 days without having to change batteries. It is a solution designed to solve the problems of many people making life smarter. Because whether it’s a tiny piece of luggage, a valuables, or a loving pet Can always be in sight

Samsung officially released the Galaxy SmartTag in 2 classic color options such as Black and Oatmeal for only 890 baht at the Samsung Experience Store and More at




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