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G915 TKL in the Test: Logitech’s perfect keyboard doesn’t need a number pad


The search for the perfect keyboard is not always easy. It should be compact, there is usually a lack of useful additional keys. You should be wireless, is often the battery is too small or Bluetooth is too slow. They will are also suitable to Play with, it can sometimes be quite unsightly. The Logitech G915 TKL tries to satisfy the larger model G915 Lightspeed, as all minds can do without a number pad and additional macro keys.

Our Tester used it myself for almost a year, the G915 Lightspeed and has tried, therefore, the compact model for a short Test. But why should we spend 230 euros and even more money for a keyboard that is less functional?

• In the first part of the test, we go on, the wireless function, and good battery life.

• The second part considers the very good mechanical keys and fiddly Software.

The job market

  1. Hays AG, Ingolstadt
  2. procilon Group, Taucha/Leipzig, Berlin

• Finally, we draw our conclusion.

We can say that The TKL is just for people who work away from writing like to play a lot and your mouse over the table to chase, the better choice. But it’s also great as a keyboard for the Couch, since it is far less clunky than the G915. It also provides less room for incorrect entries. More on that later.

In fact, the G915 TKL is 36.8 cm, much shorter than the original model, which is due to the macro keys and the number pad to 47.4 cm. Due to the high weight of 810 grams, it negates it a lighter and more compact keyboards, and are not around to slip too much. We can set up the keyboard with the feet on the back two corners chamfered.

The TKL is much more compact than the original version of the G915. (Image: Oliver Nickel/

An advantage of the compact format is that we have on the table more space on the right side. Especially in Games where we move the mouse is jerky, it is an advantage. The General Layout requires less getting used to, since there are no macro keys on the left side are for the left Hand is unusual.

What is the best compact keyboards rare: Logitech’s product has both a – slightly shorter – analog volume roller as well as multimedia keys for playing music and Videos. The mute function is in a range of situations, practically, if we don’t have to go the detour via the task bar in Windows 10.

In addition to these buttons there is also a button for the brightness control of RGB lighting and a game mode switch that locks according to the needs of special keys like the Windows key. The far left two switches are for the wireless connection. The special keys caps have soft rubber and rubber to feel like.

Bluetooth or Dongle

The G915 communicates via a 2.4 Ghz Dongle that can also be stowed on the underside of the keyboard or, optionally, via Bluetooth. The former, a time delay allows for virtually free tap and Gamble without cable. The latter is more for the longer battery life meant to be or if we want to use the keyboard with a Tablet or Smartphone. This is very handy, the slow Bluetooth Protocol is for games to be unsuitable. The switching between the two modes to work in our Test, easily. So we can switch around between Android Smartphone and Windows PC.

The Adapter can be stowed. (Image: Oliver Nickel/

Although the battery of the TKL is a bit smaller than the energy storage of the G915, the term is still impressive: We can use the keyboard without charging a daily use of about twelve hours, about five days. With Bluetooth and lighting is off, better running times are possible in theory. Something of a shame, however, is not the Logitech used the opportunity to make a USB-C connector has been installed. Instead, we continue to Micro-USB cable, their connectors are much more fragile and less long.

When it comes to the touch, makes the keyboard all right.

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