‘FvD’er managed online group in which addresses of ministers were shared and threats were expressed’

A campaign meeting of Forum for DemocracyImage ANP

That writes NRC Handelsblad today. Around Christmas, a man steamed up to Hugo de Jonge’s house, after which he was given security. The same man, Max van den B. (29) later went to the home of D66 leader Sigrid Kaag with a burning torch. He is here convicted this week.

In the chat channel ‘FvD sounds’ on the medium Telegram, according to NRC addresses of political opponents of Forum shared several times. About eight thousand people would participate in writing and reading, including the Onrecht TV account, which Van den B. was part of.

It was suggested that De Jonge send him a ‘Christmas card’, with the text: ‘We also know where you live’. Some time later, Van den B. went to his house. And a little later to Kaag, whose address was also shared in the channel.

If a message about Ernst Kuipers, now the new corona minister, comes across in the channel, someone would have proposed to ‘lynch’ him.

NRC also writes about threats against Voltpolitician Nilüfer Gündoğan. In a debate, he reported nasty emails from the FvD supporters. In the chat group, the administrator wrote: ‘Whoever sows will reap, so good luck with your mailbox.’ To which a response was: ‘Come on guys, there can be a lot more shit in that mailbox. Hunting season is open.’


The chat group would be separate from the Forum for Democracy party. For example, the channel reads: ‘This channel is not controlled by FvD’. Yet the manager of the group is a ‘provincial coordinator’ of Forum in North Brabant. He is also said to have been part of the Forum campaign team that traveled across the country with party leader Thierry Baudet with a bus as the ‘freedom caravan’.

According to a Forum spokesperson, the Telegram group is not “affiliated” with the party. In 2018, his group also agreed that that group would not use the party’s logo. Forum distances itself from the threatening messages.

Earlier, the party ran into serious turbulence when anti-Semitic and homophobic messages were shared in WhatsApp groups. Not long after, the party split with the departure of prominent members.

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