future AMG GT 73, Turkish electric cars TOGG and other industry events – Autoreview


Future Mercedes-AMG GT 73 lit up in video clip, posted on the official channel of the German manufacturer and dedicated to the Mercedes-AMG team. According to preliminary information, the Mercedes-AMG GT 73 will have a hybrid power plant with a peak power of about 800 hp, consisting of a V8 4.0 biturbomotor and an electric motor. The premiere of the flagship liftback will take place in 2020.

Electric crossover Ford Mustang Mach-E can get a “little brother”, built on a modular platform MEB Volkswagen concern. Ford is considering expanding the range of electric vehicles: according to Ford’s chief designer of the European division, if such a car is built, it will not look like a large-scale copy of the Mach-E model, although it will retain the crossover form factor.

Turkish company Togg (Türkiye’nin Otomobili Girişim Grubu, “Turkish Automotive Group”) introduced the first models – an electric sedan and crossover with the simple names C-Sedan and C-SUV. The first to enter the market is a crossover in two versions: the rear-wheel drive version has an electric motor with a capacity of 200 hp. and a range of 300 km, and the parameters of a twin-engine modification with all-wheel drive are 400 “horses” and 500 km. Among the options will be offered an autopilot of the third level, the first production cars, according to the plan, will be ready in 2022.

Pickup trucks Mercedes-Benz X-Class got a package of exterior decoration Black-Paket. Of the differences is the black decor of the exterior and interior, however, this option can only be ordered for the top version of the X 350d 4Matic in expensive trim levels of the Progressive Edition and Power Edition. According to the MBPassion portal, the first cars will be delivered to German customers only in March, although an order can be made now.

Ahead of the January Tokyo Auto Salon tuning show Suzuki prepared three show cars, built on the basis of production models Swift Sport, Jimny and Hustler. The Swift Sport Katana Edition hatchback, dedicated to the return of the legendary two-wheeled Suzuki Katana, features a wide body, a trim on the front bumper and three tailpipes located on the side directly in front of the rear wheels. The Jimny Sierra Marina Style SUV is designed for fishing enthusiasts – the luggage compartments on the sides of the roof are designed to carry fishing rods, and the upholstery is made from the same material as wetsuits. The Hustler Street Base key car is designed to attract the attention of a young audience, and it differs from the original car only in the exterior and backlit audio system.

Cross hatchback Chery Tiggo 3X, which is sold in Russia under the name Tiggo 2, has acquired a different power unit. The new aspirated 1.5 is more powerful than the previous one (116 instead of 106 hp), and the variator came to replace the four-speed “automatic”. The basic transmission, as before, is a five-speed “mechanics”. In China, the upgraded Tiggo 3X is now available for order from $ 7,100 to $ 9,600.

Also today we talked about the “charged” Peugeot 508beginning of production of four models Chevrolet in Uzbekistan and new names for crossovers Volkswagen.


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