Full Profile of Athira Farina, Pilot Who Joins Girlband D’Angels

ZONABANTEN.comAthira Farina become a byword for netizens lately. This is because he who is a pilot, surprisingly joins girl group D’Angels.

Athira Farina join with girl group D’Angels is together with several other influencers such as Bella Tanesia, Karen Kurniawan, Irene Felicia, Kezia Clarita, and Adeline Pratika.

Athira Farina Together with this group, they have released their first MV entitled Cipika-Cipiki on the D’Angels YouTube channel, on Saturday, January 22, 2022.

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Appearance Athira Farina in the MV, is quite interesting. Even though he doesn’t seem to contribute much, Athira looks pretty cool with her performance as a DJ.

Apart from that the view Athira Farina on girl group D’Angels is also an unusual thing. This is because he always looks tomboyish, then joins a group that looks feminine on average.

To know more Athira Farina, Here is the information profile from pilot as well as this D’Angels member:

Name: Athira Farina Daughter

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