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From Santiago to the world | Radio Jerez


Second day of the XXIV Festival de Jerez and the colosseum jerez welcomed Antonio ‘El Pipa’ is surrounded with the voices of Jesús Méndez, Antonio Reyes, Samuel Serrano, and Joana Jiménez that made him of dancing without stop smiling.

Listen to Antonio Ríos Fernández ‘El Pipa’ in the Play to BE

The company in the scenario did enjoy the public and ‘The Pipe’ in a show where hung the ‘no tickets’ to view the signature dance of Antonio Ríos Fernández, the dancing pure the yards of neighbors of the old Jerez.

The compass of the voice of Joana Jiménez, ‘The Pipe’ danced and it sounded like that.

Listen to Joana Jiménez and ‘The Pipe’ in the Play to BE

And from the stalls you could hear the din of an audience given to the jerez that you might notice in the smile of his face. Sherry vibrated with Antonio ‘El Pipa’ in a pure state.

Listen to Antonio Ríos Fernández ‘El Pipa’ in the Play to BE


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