From Latin America to Soviet America – Federico Jiménez Losantos

1 / The farce

Never in history, a bloody empire disappeared like the Aztec had tried to colonize another defunct empire, the Inca of the Andes, and, like Hernán Cortés, with the help of Andean tribes subjugated by the Incas, such as the Quechuas and Aymara, plus some pirates of Spanish origin who, like Lope de Aguirre, do not recognize their King or their Nation.

That metahistoric witchcraft, for the Peruvians vile colonial interference, was perpetrated by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, together with the coca grower chief Evo Morales and hikers of the Podemita tribe, united to support Pedro Castillo, whose government is reeling after being caught stealing without the giant hat or the Bolivian liqui-liqui. López Obrador, who, despite his strong Spanish surnames, pretends to be Aztec, announced the shipment of food, vaccines and financial advisers to Castillo, who, also despite his last name, pretends to be Quechua without a trace of Spanishness. Somewhat earlier, the new Cuban ambassador (or siboney, guanahjuatabuey or taíno) “El Gallo”, intelligence colonel, expert in covert operations, had arrived.

Evo, “not grateful” y Alva, reivindicada

Next, Evo Morales, great coca grower chief and regular guest in Lima of the gargantuan tribe of Cerrones, wanted to set foot in Cusco with the UNASUR stall, but was declared “persona non grata” by the Peruvian Congress. The response of the indigenous group from Puebla was that hitmen from the Podemita tribe accused the president of the Peruvian Congress, María del Carmen Alva, visiting Madrid, of having said that Castillo and his government were coup plotters, clumsy, criminals and terrorists.

It’s a very accurate description, but he never made it. It was a matter of plotting the removal of the president of Congress to avenge the one that had been attempted in Congress with Castillo. Total failure. The assembly was crude, the ex-premier Bellido denied the support of a part of Peru Libre, and Bermejo and others ended up leaving the group, he is supposed to be on the way to VRAEM and the Shining Path of the Quispe Palomino. They were the funders, through Cerrón’s “Los Dinámicos del Centro”, of Castillo’s campaign. In Peru, power is based on this crime, which the prosecution could resolve if it were not in the hands of the left caviar, who has preferred to hand over Power to the Shining Path rather than to a Fujimori.

2 / The tragedy

A few days before the Chilean elections, Mario Vargas Llosa closed in Argentina a conference of the Fundación Libertad, which Gerardo Bongiovanni directs with a diligent and solvent hand. A phrase in his extraordinary speech caught my attention: “We are talking about Latin America and we are a few days away from saying that Latin America has disappeared.” From Spain, “Latina” always sounds to us like a cursilada French, which is of origin, and denial of Spanish merit and, to a lesser extent -although not small-, Portuguese in the arrival of Western civilization to that part of the world. world. But, since we are talking about the deceased, let us accept the obituary of the false Latin.

Because, indeed, on December 19, 2021, Chile elected a communist president, Boric, to guide its destiny on the way to the cemetery of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and other graves in Soviet America. In reviewing the situation of the spoiled countries that, not long ago, seemed to have definitively entered the club of civilization and prosperity, Mario began in Mexico, in homage to Ernesto Zedillo, present there, who returned or simply He gave his countrymen the freedom to vote. And they voted. And they voted well … until they began to vote badly.

The result of those errors is the presidency, grotesque and criminal, of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, that, as the great novelist and failed Peruvian president stated, he has received the tyrant of Cuba “as if he were the viceroy of Mexico.” The “perfect dictatorship” that mixed the politics of the extreme right at home and the extreme left abroad has never turned so much towards drug trafficking and communism as it is today.

AMLO already had experience of the first. He has shown a huge appetite for the latter. Only someone intellectually trashy is capable of kneeling, as president-elect of the first Spanish-speaking country in the world, before the jailer and executioner of Cuba, without elections for 63 years. It takes a pumice stone insensitivity to human suffering to identify your country with that machine of blood and misery. And that’s what AMLO has done, who, like Castro’s Cuba in Africa when it was a branch of the USSR, sent red brigade members to Peru to support the so-called indigenous tyrant, an expert in robberies, bribes and bribes.

Nicaragua, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Brazil …

Mario Vargas Llosa then noticed the international silence on the most astonishing tyrannical phenomenon that has been seen in America, be it from the South, the North or the Center: the last elections in Nicaragua. Not even in the most extravagant tyrannies of that mess or jumble of badly avenged republics that two centuries ago became the ancient lands of the crowns of Spain and Portugal is there a case like that of Daniel Ortega and his Despotic Spouse, who to make sure of winning the elections they put all the other candidates in jail. And no one has protested. No one.

In reality, Soviet America has been built on the complicit silence or open applause of the vast majority of the media and teachers in that unfortunate part of the world. Including, of course, the United States, whose universities have been communist reservoirs after the fall of the Wall and today provide all the ideological, racial and gender, indigenous and environmental arsenal, with which it has washed its image, not its reality, the genocidal communism of Venezuela or the terrorist of Peru and Colombia.

It is not that they are not lacking, it is that there are plenty of volunteers in the cream of the crop of their elite universities, brainy propagandists of tropical Marxism-Leninism. “From the good savage to the good revolutionary”, the great book by Carlos Rangel about that western racist ideology in the face of communist tyrannies, good for America but unacceptable for Europe, could be subtitled “And from the good revolutionary to the good savage”, because that is what today it sells the Ivy League with enormous success: a return to nature in the style of Woodstock, but with the political techniques of the Gulag and Laogai.

Uruguay, the last liberal trench

Aware, that is, fearing the future, Mario not only spoke of the painful case of Peru, but of Colombia, about to fall into the hands of Petro, which is like saying the FARC, today in the Venezuelan narcoparaíso. And of Brazil, which may soon fall into the hands of Lula, a criminal who was convicted as such but who recently, in the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, compared his court case with that of Cristina Kirchner. We did not know that Lula’s robbery had reached such sums. Of Argentina, out of prudence and piety, he did not speak. What if they were there for.

From that hecatomb of political civilization, from that mass liberticide that is the newly born Soviet America, only Ecuador, although surrounded, and Uruguay from President Lacalle Pou are saved, for now. Of the three hundred million humans under the Soviet-American boot, liberal civilization can only feel safe among the three of the “Pay attention“Never could tyranny come to so much. Never could freedom come to less.


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